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Registered at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Alfotech is registered at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The registration includes: 'Import and marketing of hoses in rubber, silicone, Teflon and PVC and stainless steel parts for the food industry.

New EU regulation of 14 February 2011

2011/10/EC Regulation on phthalates - materials and articles in contact with food. Alfotech advises on certification and documentation for our customers. 

Materials for contact with food must be safe and legal

Read the article about the area in Plus Proces no. 7/8 - 2009

Legislation regarding materials in contact with food

-1935/2004-EC "Materials and articles Regulation"
-2023/2006-EC "GMP Regulation"
-Executive Order no. 149 of 27/02/2009 "The Authorisation Order"

The rules can be found on

Do your food hoses and fittings meet all the EU requirements?

Certificates and documentation
Alfotech ensures that all our components comply with current legislation.

  • Material declaration of conformity
  • Material certificates with global and specific migration
  • Marking
  • Pressure test certificate
  • Batch number

You can always contact Alfotech to obtain certificates for hoses and fittings supplied by Alfotech.

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Batch number

Hose couplings are supplied with batch number. In the picture you can see an example of a printed text. P08 means that the hose is pressured tested to 8 bar, 23/08 means that the part was manufactured in week 23 in 2008. "Sukker nr. 2" is an individual text chosen by the customer.