The purpose of traceability is to be able to track and follow a material or an object through all stages of manufacturing and distribution. In this way, one can ensure a targeted withdrawal of illegal products and provide relevant information to consumers as well as control authorities. As traceability facilitates control, recall of dangerous products, ensures consumer information, and placement of responsibilities, this contributes to increase food safety. 

At Alfotech, we stock a large range of components that comply with current legislation. We provide all materials with relevant documentation:

  • Material declaration of conformity
  • Material certificates with global and specific migration
  • Marking
  • Pressure test certificate
  • Batch number

It must be possible to trace food contact materials through the supply chain. Current regulations lay down rules regarding traceability, for example for packaging, production equipment, and raw material for the production of food contact materials. It must be possible to identify from which and to which companies food contact materials have been delivered. Identification must be done via marking, relevant documentation, or information.

At Alfotech, we supply hose couplings with batch numbers. In the picture you can see an example of a printed text. P08 means that the hose is pressure tested to 8 bar, 23/08 means the part was manufactured in week 23 in 2008. "Sukker nr. 2" is individual text chosen by the customer.

It is recommended to keep documentation for food contact materials for a period of 5 years unless special circumstances may justify otherwise.

Contact us on tel. +45 70 20 04 22 or alfotech@alfotech.dk if you have questions about traceability of products or want to hear more about the possibilities for tracking products.