Hose assembler

You can use our new hose configurator by starting to choose the type of hose you want to use to your particular product and proecess

Step by step guide

  1. Select the illustration ”Hoses and accessories”
  2. You now get an overview of the hose types you can choose. Choose the illustration that suits your specific needs.
  3. Here ”Beer & Beverage hoses ” have been selected and now it is again possible to select exactly the hose that meets the requirements.
  4. Here ”Beverage Plus” is selected as the type.
  5. Now, you have the option to configure the hose with couplings by selecting the ”Go to hose assembler”
  6. First, select the desired interior dimension; the length of the hose and the number of hoses followed by ”Next”.
  7. Now, you have to choose which couplings to use at the two ends, either ”food” or ”pipe thread”.
  8. A number of illustrations of the different coupling options are now displayed – click the illustration to be used on the left and right side, respectively.
  9. Under the illustrations, you must now choose which standard and size the connections should have. At the top there is an illustration of the choices made and click "Next"
  10. It is now possible to enter special instructions for assembling the hose, as well as enter an optional marking and pressure test. If a pressure test is selected, the hose will be subjected to a hydraulic pressure test after installation and a certificate issued with the hose. Click ”Next” to continue.
  11. The contact fields must now be filled in and can be completed with either an order or an inquiry. In both cases, you will receive a receipt of your request.
  12. As soon as we have received your order or inquiry, you will shortly receive our reply.