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Food approved ball valves

23 January 2020

We are now capable of supplying food-approved ball valves with welding ends. The ball valves are made of stainless steel AISI 316 and are manually operated. They are available in dimensions from 38.1 to 101.6 mm. and has a surface roughness of Ra <0.8 µm. The ball valves are supplied with packing sets in the material types EPDM, PTFE and FKM. Temperature covers up to + 90°C and the pressure is a maximum of 10 bar.

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Facts about ball valves

Ball valves are mainly used for liquids containing solid particles and generally for applications that require an unobstructed flow. Ball valves are suitable for several purposes such as food processing, cosmetics and in the chemical industry.

Ball valves are suitable for high pressures and temperatures, and are resistant to most media.

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