Keep an eye on your production via sight glass

12 November 2020

Do you need to be able to continuously observe the liquids that run through the pipe system in your production? Then sight glass can be the solution. The sight glass is also called a inspection glass, as it just provides a "window" into the pipe system.

This is because it allows you to follow, for example, flow, quantity and color, so you can ensure that the material flows as it should.

Different types of sight glass

Alfotech offers different types of sight glass depending on which system it is to be used for. For example, sight glasses with FEP tubes are often used in the production of food and pharmaceuticals, where glass is not allowed because there is a risk of it shattering. In addition to the FEP tube itself, this type of sight glass has the advantage with it being tasteless and odorless as well as chemically inert, so that the material does not affect the media that pass through the sight glass.

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In-Line sight glass

If you do not have requirements for a glass-free installation, we alternatively have our In-Line sight glass with Borosilicate glass, which provides great strength and stability. Both sight glasses with FEP tubes and In-Line sight glasses can be delivered with just the connection that suits your system.

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Clamp Sight glass

Clamp sight glass is an alternative solution where Borosilicate glass is also used. For example, a food cross with welded Clamp collars on the branches can be a simple and economical way to create a sight glass where the flow can be easily observed.

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