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Mechanical seals - think out of the box!

21 April 2021

Ingredient producer - an international case

Our ability to think out of the box was in all seriousness put on the test when an international ingredient producer knocked on our door. Many of their mechanical seals were leaking after just a few weeks of use. This translated into enormous production costs that the customer desperately wanted to reduce. 

Investigating the matter, we found the reason for the leaks was caused by a combination of temperature deviations and the material type of the production process. This basically resulted in the fact that cracks appeared on the stationary part which eventually lead to a break down of the rotary part. 

With our in-depth know-how we were able to develop a completely new, custom design, for the customer. This consisted of a standard rotating ball component combined with a custom-designed stainless steel component, which was surface treated with hard metal and supplied with a standard EPDM o-ring.

The end result meant that the lifespan was improved from just a few weeks to over a year, which significantly has reduced production halts and costs. 

Note: Our materials are, of course, approved for all direct contact with materials and the attached batch number offering full traceability is available when needed. 

We have your new mechanical seals in stock

We keep thousands of mechanical seals in stock and have an extensive selection. Should it be the rare case, that what you are looking for is not currently in our warehouse, there is a great chance that our western European collaborator has it in stock ready for delivery in a matter of only a few days. 

We have a wide assortment of mechanical seals constructed with many material combinations compatible with spare parts from some of the most well known producers around the world: APV®, Alfa-Laval®, Fristam®, Inoxpa®, Hilge®, IBEX®, SSP®, Johnson®, Jabsco®, Grundfos-Sarlin® og Flygt®

The mechanical seals are manufactures according to OEM specifications and are deliverable with certification and bacth number according to regulations if this is needed. 

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