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NEWS from Alfotech: Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose

17 March 2021

The hose you can use for oily substances

It is a well-known problem that hoses used in areas of heavy traffic are often damaged by being overrun, for instance in connection with truck deliveries. This is a problem we solve at Alfotech with our new Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose.

The hose interior is usually composed of a steel spiral but now replaced with a crush-proof resistant material that makes it possible for the hose to regain its shape after unintentionally being overrun or somehow squeezed.

For years, Alfotech has had Crush Proof hoses in our selection. Now we expand it with the Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose, which is suitable for the transport of oils and other fatty food materials.  

See the Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose here


The Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose has a white interior and a blue-colored exterior and is offered in sizes 1” til 4”.

The hose meet all current requirements and regulations for direct contact with foods and it is possible to connect it with a wide selection of fittings from our selection. 


Did you know that you could put together a hose exactly as you need for your specific production?

We have made it easier for you to configure your specific hose solution!

Just click on Hose Configurator on our home page. Then we will guide you to the selection of hoses that we offer you. 

Try the Hose Configurator here

You can choose the one hose that works optimally for your task. When the hose is chosen, you will be guided through a selection of dimensions, length, amounts, and, of course, which type and adequate fittings you need. 

Then you send your request and put your order in the basket with one simple click. And, you receive your order confirmation along with an outline of what you selected, and an answer from Alfotech. 


Would you like Alfotech to help you with the optimal hose solution? 

If you don't know what hose is the best choice for you, we, at Alfotech are always available for a free consultation. We have the experience and the expertise. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email if you would like to hear more about our many offers and combinations for hose solutions for you. We will find the solution that is the best for optimizing your production and creating the most savings for your company. 

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