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Oily Food/10 Slide

23 April 2020

We are now able to supply Oily Food/10 Slide, which is suitable for transporting oil and fatty foods.

Oily Food/10-Slide excels with the coating of UPE liner on the outside, which means that wear on the hose is reduced if the hose rubs against other hoses or equipment. Ordinary rubber hoses wear the outermost rubber layer, which this coating helps prevent, so they just "slide" against each other. The hose also has good dirt-repellent properties, which means that it is easier to keep clean and has optimal hygiene.

The hose has several good properties such as:

  • Made in NBR inside and in neoprene outside
  • Designed for taste-free and odor-free transport of media
  • Ozone and weather resistant

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