Online reordering has never been easier

02 March 2022

Alfotech's large stock of hoses and accessories for the process industry at home and abroad covers thousands of products in several different categories, and the combination options are many. Most of the products can be ordered online through our webshop, which currently has a large influx of new users. Based on constructive feedback and new ideas from existing users, we are now launching a new feature - or rather a new special item number - that makes reordering online very easy.

What is a special “25” item number?

Our new special item number, which starts with the number 25, includes the complete bill of materials for the hose or hoses as well as accessories that you may have placed on a single previous order, whether placed by phone, e-mail or through our online hose configurator.

hose configurator

For example, if you by phone previously ordered a pre-configured Milkland hose with 1” DS nut at each end, you can quickly and easily reorder exactly the same combination of products online via the web shop afterwards.

Try the hose configurator

The advantages

The ability to reorder via a special “25” item number has the following primary benefits for you as a user of the webshop:

  • You save time, as reordering is significantly easier and faster than placing a completely new order
  • You avoid faulty orders, since a special “25” item number includes exactly what you have previously ordered

Here's how you do it

Reordering via a special “25” item number can be done quickly and easily via the web shop. Below, we’ve used the previously mentioned example with the Mastermilk hose as a starting point.

  1. Login with your username and password
  2. Go to 'My Page' and click on the 'Invoices' tab
  3. Click on 'View invoice' to the right of the relevant invoice
  4. Tick off the special “25” item number that you want to reorder
  5. Click the 'Reorder marked' button
  6. Go to basket and check out

If you have a message/remark to us in connection with your order, remember to write it in the note field.

25 item number, invoice

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