Quick video guide: How to use Alfotech's online hose configurator

08 November 2022

Quickly and easily assemble your industrial hose online

Have you ever tried the unique hose configurator on Alfotech's website? With just a few clicks, you can assemble your own industrial hose according to your needs and technical specifications. Of course, you are guided through the process and at the end you are left with an illustration of the finished hose and a description of your choices, including hose type, dimensions, fitting types, and sizes. You can also opt for marking and/or pressure testing. Finally, you can send a request directly to us or - if you have your own user for our webshop - place an order immediately. It doesn't get any easier than that.

In our new quick video guide, we'll show you how.

Easy reordering of your hose solution via special item number

If you already have a user account for our webshop and assemble and order your hose solution via our hose configurator, a special item number will be generated automatically. The unique special item number contains not only a complete parts list of the technical components included in the hose solution, but also any notes related to assembly, specifications, etc. When you need to replace the hose again at a later point in time, you can quickly re-order via your own user account. This not only ensures the same high quality of the hose solution, but also saves you time by not having to go through the whole design process again. Additionally, you avoid placing a faulty order.

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