The right solutions for environments with high hygiene requirements.

Cleaning solutions for the process industry

All hoses in our product catalog are manufactured using the best production methods adhering to international norms and regulations with a focus on guaranteeing safety, quality and hygiene. Transport, storage, handling, and use may contaminate the hose and affect its performance, and we therefore recommend cleaning and disinfecting the hose before and after use.

If you are in doubt about what temperatures and pressures your hoses can withstand, do not hesitate to call us on +45 7020 0422 or write to Tell us which media, which pressure and which temperature you need a hose for, and we will find the best, cheapest and most future-proof solution. All hoses from Alfotech are certified and meet current requirements in the process industry, for example EU directives, FDA, US, BFR, Pharmacopeia and ATEX.

CIP cleaning (Cleaning In Place)

The hygiene requirements within the food industry and similar industries are constantly being tightened. Some equipment can only be cleaned on site, and in this situation CIP systems are an obvious choice. The vast majority of our hoses are approved for CIP cleaning. By limiting the dismantling of process plants, both the number of working hours spent on cleaning and the consumption of spare parts are reduced.

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The durability of hoses is significantly increased when they are optimized for operating conditions.