Process hoses

We carry a wide range of hoses and can cover any need.

Large assortment, great know-how

Alfotech stocks:

Dairy hoses
Silicone hoses
Plastic & Teflon hoses
Composite hoses
Chemical hoses
Special hoses


  • Milk beer, and other beverages
  • Oily and fatty foods
  • Non-fatty foods
  • Granulates
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Product & steam
  • Compressed air
  • Hot water
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure


The durability of hoses is significantly extended when they are optimized for the operating conditions. Tell us which medium, which pressure, and which temperature you need a hose for, and we will find the best and the cheapest solution.

All hoses from Alfotech are certified and comply with the requirements in the process industry, for example EU directives, FDA, US, BFR, Pharma-copeia, and ATEX.

Pressure test certificate and traceability documentation

If Alfotech assembles hoses with couplings, we have the opportunity to prepare a pressure test certificate. The certificate also states which components and its corresponding batch numbers are included in the hose solution. In addition, we provide documentation on traceability and material certificates and thus our customers comply with current legislation.

Teflon hoses

Used where high demands are made on temperature and pressure. The hose is delivered either smooth or corrugated with reinforcement of stainless steel fabric and has a long service life. Teflon hoses can be sterilized and cover temperatures from -73 ° C to + 260 ° C.
Ordinary Pneumatic hoses in PVC, PE, PU etc. can be replaced by hoses in PTFE that are chemical and temperature resistant.

Rubber hoses

For food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Alcohol concentrations up to 96% - working pressure up to 16 bar, with or without steel spiral. Temperatures from -40°C to +130°C.

Synthetic hoses

Our synthetic hoses of PVC, PUR and Thermoplastic, among others, cover a large number of less critical processes. Hoses that come into contact with food are manufactured in accordance with current EU directives and can be delivered with a material certificate.

Silicone hoses

Hoses for food and pharmaceutical products. Alcohol concentrations of up to 96% - working pressure up to 10 bar, reinforced or with stainless steel spiral and tire temperatures from -60°C to +220°C.

Hygienic hose couplings

Alfotech designs, develops and produces hygienic hose couplings in acid-proof stainless steel according to DS, SMS, DIN, Clamp & Mini-Clamp standards and welding couplings. Alfotech also has a series of hose couplings for pipe threads as well as the TW and Cam-Lock types - all in stainless steel. Based on our many years of experience in the process industry, we can also develop and produce customized solutions.