Special hoses

Let us help you with the right special hoses.

Electric trace hose/glue hose

Heating hose suitable for production purposes in the process industry.

This hose is ideal for heating several media that can be used for production purposes. The hose can be delivered in several different versions, which can be used for, for example honey, chocolate, fat, oil, glue, wax, as well as other media that must be heated during production. Some versions of the hose can be heated to 250°C.

The hose is built around a Teflon core, which ensures optimal transport and low friction. On the outside, the hose is equipped with a washable cover, as well as end pieces of silicone.

It is manufactured according to FDA requirements and complies with the rules of food contact.

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Corrugated steel bellow hose

Very flexible hose suitable for extreme temperatures and pressures. On the outside, the hose is protected with AISI 304L stainless steel braid. For easier cleaning and for protection against heat, the hose can be further covered with a silicone hose.

Inside, the hose is made of corrugated AISI 316 stainless steel or AISI 321L. Several grades and sizes with a working pressure up to 250 bar and a burst pressure up to 1020 bar depending on temperature and size.

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Double-walled hoses

Special solutions for the process industry

Alfotech is more than just a supplier.
We share our knowledge with you.

We develop special solutions for operating situations that are not covered by standard programs and we ensure that our products comply with current legislation.

Depending on the medium to be transported, Alfotech can assemble exactly the hose that suits your needs.

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