Improved hose life with Beverage Plus and InterLock system.

Skånemejerierne's path to increased efficiency and safety

Skånemejerierne's state-of-the-art production facility in Malmö was facing a significant challenge.
The frequent replacement of the traditional food hoses used to transport jam products resulted in both operational disruptions and increased costs.

The solution: Beverage Plus hoses from Alfotech

The switch to Beverage Plus hoses at Skånemejerier was not only a matter of improved material selection - from traditional natural rubber to bromobutyl rubber (BIIR) - but also an adaptation specifically designed to withstand the fruit acids found in jams and juice products.

This change significantly extended the life of the hoses from 3 months to over a year, resulting in significant financial and operational benefits for Skånemejerier.

Valuable partner with expertise and good service

"With qualified advice from Alfotech, we got a specialized partner who always finds the optimal combination of price, quality and customization. Fast service and an extensive stock also help with quick changes in operations. Using the InterLock-system for our press couplings, we also increased both safety and hygiene in the production of our jam products."

Björn Eriksson, Head of Technology & Maintenance, Skånemejerier

Milk carton from Skånemejerier
Improved safety and hygiene with the InterLock system

Improved safety and hygiene with the InterLock system

A crucial part of the solution was also the integration of Alfotech's InterLock system on the press couplings.

Not only did this system significantly increase safety by preventing accidental disconnections, but it also contributed to a higher standard of hygiene in the production process. This was particularly important for Skånemejerier, who place great emphasis on food safety and quality in their jam production.

About Skånemejerier

About Alfotech

We care about the Swedish dairy farmer and the diversity of the Swedish dairy market. Skånemejerier is so much more than a dairy in Skåne. Everyone knows that our dairy products are good. But in recent years, we've come to understand that the Skånemejerier brand stands for so much more.

For many, buying milk produced in Sweden is an active action - a decision. This has created a closeness to our consumers that we are extremely proud of and happy about. We employ more than 600 people directly and many more in our local area.

Around 400 dairy farmers in Skåne and southern Sweden supply milk to our dairies. Skånemejerier has been part of the dairy group Groupe Lactalis since the summer of 2012.

Alfotech er en danskejet virksomhed, der blev grundlagt i 1984. Vi repræsenterer flere internationale leverandører af kvalitetsprodukter og løsninger, der naturligvis lever op til industriens strenge krav. 

Vores kunder er fra fødevareindustrien, den farmaceutiske industri og den kemiske industri i Nordeuropa. Vi importerer, udvikler og producerer mange af de komponenter, der indgår i vores løsninger. Netop den viden, vi har fået gennem 35 års udvikling af produkter, giver os stor ekspertise i at finde den rette løsning til netop din virksomhed.

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