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How we help pharma

Learn how Alfotech helps companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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How we help OEM

Use us as an OEM partner in the process industry.
See how we support, deliver and develop special solutions for OEM customers here.

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How we help dairies

See the many solutions we can offer companies in the dairy industry.

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How we help breweries

Discover our extensive range of products and customized solutions that can be tailored to your brewery.


Center of Expertise for The Process Industry

Alfotech has more than 35 years of industry experience.
We advise and deliver valuable customized solutions to the process industry.

Specialists in technical components, spare parts and customized solutions for the process industry.

B2B supplier across industries

We are specialists in technical components, spare parts and customized solutions for both the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry - in Denmark and abroad. With more than 35 years of industry experience, we have gained extensive expertise with not only recommendation and delivery of components and equipment, but also the design and development of customer-tailored solutions.

With our large product range, especially in industrial hoses, mechanical shaft seals, fittings and high-quality accessories, we can meet the vast majority of needs in the production of food, medicine and chemistry. And all our products are of course approved according to current legislation. All this entails safety, as well as production and economic benefits for our customers.


Center of Expertise

Of course, we know the rules of the game when it comes to keeping production plants running with the right process equipment - whether it is the production of food, medicine or chemical materials.

Based on our valuable know-how, we define the final solution together with the customer. Afterwards, we can easily pick up the individual building blocks via our large warehouse and put them together at our own in-house assembly workshop. Finally, we also keep track of the components' batch numbers for maximum traceability of the solutions where required.

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Valuable servicing of hoses

We offer our customers continuous servicing of their existing hoses, so that a longer service life is achieved and thereby money is saved.

Extension of service life
The durability of hoses is significantly extended when they are optimized for operating conditions. Tell us which media, which pressure and which temperature you need hoses for, and together we will find the best, cheapest and most reliable solution.

Reassembly of hoses
You quickly save a lot of money by reusing the hose fittings when you need to change hose fittings, and we can of course refit them on new hoses.


Intuitive hose configurator

With our intuitive hose configurator, you can quickly and easily assemble your own hose solution according to your needs. Step by step you will be guided through and simply choose dimensions, length, number and types of fittings. Finally, you can see the assembled hose before ordering.

The hose configurator results in a more secure order, and minimizes the risk of placing incorrect orders.


What our customers say

We now change gaskets for pistons 2-3 times a year, and we have been using the same pistons for 4 years now. We have had a great economic advantage with this solution and can highly recommend Alfotechs's hard metal coating.

Bo Boesen, Technical Manager, Cocio


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What can be hard metal coated? 

You can coat almost everything - from new to used wear parts such as shafts, shaft sleeves, seats, and rotating parts as well as pistons and fitting parts. Depending on the function of the components: Chromium oxide, chromium carbide, aluminium oxide, Tungsten, Nigraphite, and others are used as coatings. If the wear part is in direct contact with food, FDA-approved materials are used.

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