How we help OEMs

How we help OEMs

Custom solutions and efficient service.

Your partner in OEM equipment for the process industry

With over three decades of in-depth experience in the process industry, we have not only built a solid expertise, but also established ourselves as a trusted partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Our understanding of the unique challenges and needs OEMs face in manufacturing equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries is the foundation of our tailored solutions.

At Alfotech, we understand that efficiency and reliability are crucial to OEM success. That's why we provide specially designed hoses and fittings that fit perfectly with a wide range of machines - from filling and separation machines to mixing equipment, filtration equipment and injection machines. Our products are designed to optimize the performance and lifespan of your equipment, while ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance with industrial legislation.

Our solutions go beyond just supplying components. We work closely with our OEM partners to understand their specific processes and requirements. This allows us to offer solutions that not only improve machine performance, but also help increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve production reliability. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our customers are always one step ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

We're with you from sketch to solution

We're with you from sketch to solution

At Alfotech, we have extensive experience in transforming technical sketches and data into functional solutions, making us a preferred choice as a hose supplier for leading global OEMs.

Our role as a valuable partner and supplier includes guiding OEM customers in selecting suitable hoses for their specific application.

We take into account factors such as material selection, flexibility, pressure resistance, temperature limits, cleaning processes and load capacity. Choosing the right hose and matching it with optimal fittings improves machine lifetime and reduces the need for maintenance.

Fast delivery time. More flexibility.

Fast delivery time. More flexibility.

Alfotech stands out as a stock-leadingcompany, with our turnaround time from order to delivery typically counted in days rather than weeks.

Our extensive stock of components ensures that we can offer fast lead times, giving you as an OEM customer valuable flexibility to implement last-minute design changes at the point of installation.

Determining the exact length of supply hoses can be a complex task before final installation. You can place your order with us early in the day and rest assured that we strive to ship your products the same day. This service is part of our commitment to support your operations with maximum efficiency.

Use us as your remote spare parts warehouse

Use us as your remote spare parts warehouse

As an OEM, it is virtually impossible to maintain an all-encompassing stock of spare parts to support the end customer and ensure the equipment remains operational.

This highlights the importance of robust suppliers who can act as your remote spare parts warehouse.

For our OEM partners, we keep a stock of the hoses and fittings installed on their machines, so we can act quickly in the event of a breakdown in the end customer's equipment. As every minute is critical, we can ship directly to the end customer if required to ensure production is resumed as quickly as possible.

Wide range of premium hoses

We supply hoses in a variety of materials to meet the requirements of most OEMs.

Our inventory includes a wide range of hoses, including rubber, silicone, PTFE (Teflon), PFA, PVC, polyurethane, composite and thermoplastic hoses. This diversity enables us to service a wide range of machinery, from filling and bottling machines to mixing, filtration, separation and injection equipment, etc.

We understand that each customer faces unique challenges in terms of temperature, flexibility, pressure, surface roughness and other critical factors. Alfotech's ability to tailor solutions that precisely meet these requirements has cemented our position as a preferred supplier to some of Europe's leading equipment manufacturers.

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Your creditworthy partner

We're proud to use the market's most recognized credit rating model, the AAA rating.
This prestigious rating is not just a logo; it's a stamp of quality that proves our financially sound and well-consolidated business.
Our AAA rating is your guarantee of a stable and reliable partnership.

Extensive range of fittings

Alfotech offers an extensive and highly varied range of fittings, enabling us to fit hoses with all popular coupling types. Our standard range includes a wide variety of couplings such as SMS, DIN, DS, ISO-Clamp (Tri-Clamp), DIN-Clamp, ASME Clamp, aseptic fittings as well as BSP and BSPT.

Our extensive stock of hose couplings makes us the preferred partner for machine builders with special needs in many places.

We're not just suppliers; we're also problem solvers. If a specific coupling is not in stock, we go one step further. Working closely with our customers, we design and manufacture custom fittings that exactly match the unique requirements of the original equipment.

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Custom OEM solutions

Accuracy and customized solutions are the cornerstones of OEM operations, and at Alfotech we are dedicated to these principles. 

Our modern assembly workshop is equipped with advanced welding facilities, enabling us to manufacture components that meet even the most complex and demanding specifications. Our experienced team of certified blacksmiths handle everything from minor customizations to large-scale special productions, always with a focus on the highest quality and precision.

We value close collaboration with our customers and continuously improve our processes based on their feedback.

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High safety and quality standards

In OEM production at Alfotech, we maintain high safety and quality standards, with strict adherence to industry requirements. 
Our focus on quality craftsmanship is backed by extensive documentation and necessary certifications.
This commitment ensures that all components meet established benchmarks.

We strictly adhere to important standards such as EU Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopeia (USP), sanitary standard 3A and FDA guidelines.
We value transparency, which builds trust and is supported by a culture of accountability and innovation.

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