Stainless thread and food fittings

At Alfotech, we produce and carry a wide range of stainless steel fittings for use in a large number of industries. Among other things, we carry the following three types of stainless fittings

  • Fittings for use within the food industry
  • Threaded fittings
  • Aseptic fittings

Of these fittings, food industry fittings are used primarily in the food and the pharmaceutical industry whereas threaded and clamp ring fittings are used in connection with industrial installations for air, water, and other liquids.

Our range of food industry fittings include both pipes, bends, T-pieces, hose connections, crosses, and pipe holders for ISO or DIN standards as well as unions for DS, SMS, DIN, Clamp, IDF and Aseptic DIN, Clamp and flange. Our threaded fittings cover the entire range of pipes, angles, bends, crosses, sleeves, nipples, union nuts, lock nuts, and hose connections. 

Extraordinarily, our line also includes a wide range of special fittings, which are often used to connect different standards – for example pipe threads with food fittings. Customer-specific solutions are also part of our services, such as Cam-Lock couplings for food fittings or union nuts for pallet tanks.

What are fittings?

Fittings are used in connection with among other things, coupling of pipes and hose solutions in a process plant. They combine different pipe systems and form entire sections in the pipe network. Our fittings are used for systems containing both foods, pharmaceuticals or chemicals as a liquid, powder, or gaseous form. In addition, our fittings can be found in a wide range of pharmaceutical productions. These are all industries that require the best possible quality of equipment.

As a customer of Alfotech, we can guarantee to deliver you the best solution for your particular production. We take pride in good craftmanship, and that means that we always do our utmost to deliver the best possible product. In addition, we have many years of experience in the industry and can thus help you to find the right solution. We see our extensive knowledge of our products as an advantage enabling us to guide you to the best match for you and your needs.

How are our fittings produced?

At Alfotech, we take great pride in ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. That is our top priority.

Our stainless fittings are mainly made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L – with a few exceptions including fittings that are not used in contact with media such as pipe holders and union nuts in another quality of stainless steel, namely AISI 304. 

Fittings for most media are supplied with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.8 µm, but for media where the requirements are higher, for example for the pharmaceutical industry, fittings can be supplied with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.4 µm. Our fittings are manufactured to meet the respective standards such as EN 10357-A, DIN 11851, ISO 2037, BS 4825, and DIN 11864 and 11853.

Food industry fittings - high quality requirements

We all want maximum quality when it comes to production of our food. At Alfotech, as a supplier of fittings to the food industry, we are very aware of the great responsibility we have when sending out products to our customers. Therefore, our fittings are always produced in hygienic materials and supplied with a batch number ensuring that they can be traced.

As a supplier to the food industry, we are also subject to several regulatory requirements for quality as well as documentation of our procedures in the production of our fittings. With high traceability and thorough documentation of procedures, we can first and foremost ensure that we can locate the specific batch should a product unexpectedly be defective. In addition, we can also detect errors in our procedures and correct them should any problems arise. In this way, we always ensure high quality in the solutions we deliver to our customers.

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