Alfotech supplies type Y dirt filters

Alfotech is your leading knowledge center in technical solutions for the processing industry, and we have highly trained staff who both produce and advise the customer at the highest level.

One of our areas of expertise are dirt filters for you who work in industries where a high-quality dirt filter carries a crucial function in production - here our filters can also be used for food due to the high quality.

At Alfotech, we are aware of the responsibility involved in supplying a dirt filter with the task of sorting foreign materials. We house exclusively experienced specialists and highly trained staff who always use their professional understanding to advise regarding and produce a dirt filter.

We are capable of delivering a quality-assured dirt filter and welding ends in the quality-assured Y-type, where all the material is in stainless steel (AISI 316). We use the Y-type filter as it protects both pumps, heat exchangers and similar equipment against foreign materials by means of the two-part weld on. In addition, the streamlined shape ensures that the entire process takes place in a reliable and cost-effective way.

Alfotech supplies our filter housings with welding ends or couplings in a myriad of dimensions. For example, we supply standard in diameters from 25.0 mm up to 100 mm and in lengths between 123 mm and 235 mm. Depending on the size, they weigh between 1.61 kg and 6.37 kg.

Our filter inserts are also available in a myriad of specifications, which help to ensure that we can put together exactly the filter you are looking for. They are available in various dimensions ranging from 25.0 mm to 100.0 mm and in lengths from 100.0 mm to 185.0 mm. They weigh between 0.87 kg to 2.34 kg.

Remember that you always can download our data sheet for our products. In the data sheet, all values are listed in a clear way, which for example helps to make it easy for you to select the perfect dirt filter with the perfect connection that can perform the function that is needed in your company.

Large assortment of dirt filters

Alfotech has a far-reaching assorment that includes a dirt filter with great options for varying dimensions of both the filter and welding ends, which is how we ensure that there is a combination that can accommodate as many customers as possible.

We always deliver our quality products in a myriad of solutions, and we also always provide quality service. That is why we are always available if you as a customer are experiencing doubts in relation to goals or just need advice in relation to the choice of products.

In collaboration with the customer, we make sure to tailor solutions that can meet and optimize all the necessary needs. Whether you are a company from the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, Alfotech has the necessary knowledge and many years of experience to draw on. Based on this, we have with great success solved countless tasks for companies that have needed specially designed solutions through a trusting collaboration. It is our most important task to meet the needs of our customers to the highest possible extent, because in this way we believe that both parties achieve the most efficient and successful results.

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