Specialists in technical components, spare parts and solutions for the process industry

With more than 35 years of know-how from the process industry, we recommend and deliver valuable, high-quality solutions to our customers, both nationally and internationally. We also have extensive expertise in developing customized solutions for demanding operating environments that are not covered by standard programs.

Supplier across industries

We are specialists in technical components, spare parts and customized solutions for both the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry - in Denmark and abroad. With more than 35 years of industry knowledge, we have gained extensive experience and expertise, not only with the recommendation and delivery of components and equipment, but also the design and development of customer-tailored solutions.

With our large product range, especially in industrial hoses, mechanical shaft seals, fittings and high-quality accessories, we can meet the vast majority of needs in the production of food, medicine and chemistry. And all our products are of course approved according to current legislation. All this entails safety, as well as production and economic benefits for our customers.

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Stock-leading with webshop & fast delivery

We stock a wide range of hoses, fittings, gaskets and mechanical seals - all top industrial quality and designed for use in the process industry.
Our product range is always up-to-date and continuously growing. And with our strong focus on deliverability, you can trust that we always have your needs covered.

Need advice? Our experienced consultants are ready to help by phone or email.
With your own user profile, you can also easily and conveniently order goods around the clock via our webshop.
If you place your order before 14:00, we strive to ship the goods the same day.

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Trusted supplier to companies such as

Your creditworthy partner

We're proud to use the market's most recognized credit rating model, the AAA rating.
This prestigious rating is not just a logo; it's a stamp of quality that proves our financially sound and well-consolidated business.
Our AAA rating is your guarantee of a stable and reliable partnership.

In-house assembly workshop

In our in-house assembly workshop, we create unique solutions tailored to customers' individual needs, regardless of industry. We handle a wide range of tasks, where our skilled blacksmiths, certified in welding, ensure the best possible quality.

Our work also includes typical assembly tasks such as reassembly and pressing new couplings onto hoses. With a well-stocked warehouse, we can quickly assemble and deliver these special solutions - often overnight.

Peter's Week

Get a glimpse of everyday life in our assembly workshop in episode 4 of Peter's Week - an exciting video series where our Warehouse Manager, Peter, takes you behind the scenes. See how raw metal is transformed into customized solutions, carefully designed to meet our customers' unique needs. This is where the magic happens!

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Experts in traceability

Food contact materials must be traceable through the supply chain. At Alfotech, we have extensive experience with traceability of products through all stages of manufacturing and distribution. This way, we ensure that our products are always used correctly within the legal framework. Traceability helps increase food safety for our customers.

We stock a wide range of components that comply with current legislation. We deliver all products with relevant declarations, such as pressure test certificates and batch numbers.

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How we help pharma

Our range of hoses, fluid and compressed air couplings and sight glasses for the pharmaceutical industry complies with the high hygiene requirements for pharmaceutical production.

As a supplier to several pharmaceutical manufacturers, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our products naturally comply with ATEX, EU Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) directives.

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How we help OEM

OEM projects can be complex, and we understand the challenges. From product approvals and documentation to reliable and trustworthy delivery schedules.

With decades of experience supplying OEMs, we know the requirements of both small and large projects. Our strong focus on quality and safety standards makes us a reliable partner on your project journey.

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Registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards in process equipment for food production. Our commitment to quality and safety in the food industry is underlined by our official registration with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This registration is proof that we comply with all necessary regulations and guidelines that ensure safe and reliable food handling.

Our registration covers a wide range of products, including the import and marketing of high-quality hoses made from materials such as rubber, silicone, Teflon and PVC, as well as stainless steel parts, all of which are essential in food production.

How we help dairies

We combine reliable products and tailored technological solutions with a deep understanding of the unique demands of the dairy industry. With a history of innovation and customer-centric service, we offer solutions that set new standards for efficiency and quality in dairy production.

Our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge make us the ideal partner for dairy companies striving to optimize their processes and produce the best products on the market.

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How we help breweries

As a proud supplier to the brewing industry, we understand the importance of reliable and durable solutions. We're dedicated to meeting customer demands for precision, hygiene and efficiency in all aspects of the production process.

With a wide range of products, from robust, hygienic beer hoses to efficient and food-grade fittings and valves, we ensure optimal product quality and improved production capacity for breweries.

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Our growth journey continues

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