How we help breweries

How we help breweries

Together we optimize brewing production.

At the heart of every brewery is a passion for creating the highest quality beer, where flavor, tradition and innovation blend to perfection. At Alfotech, we share this passion and have a deep respect for the craftsmanship required to produce excellent brews.

With more than 35 years of experience in providing technical components and customized solutions, we have gained deep insight into the challenges and needs of the brewing industry. We are dedicated to supporting all breweries in their pursuit of quality and efficiency through reliable solutions that optimize production and maintain the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Our commitment to the brewing industry is driven by an unwavering belief in innovation and sustainability. We recognize the importance of adapting to changing technologies and market trends while maintaining respect for the environment.

At Alfotech, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the specific needs of breweries, from efficient cleaning to precision control of the brewing process. And with our reassembly service and customized solutions, we ensure that our customers not only save money, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to our customers extends far beyond simple deliverables. We see ourselves as partners in our customers' journey to success.

Whether it's through the emergency supply of necessary technical components or the development of innovative solutions to meet specific production requirements, we are there with our expertise, support and advice.

Together, we create the best conditions for your brewery to achieve its goals and continue to deliver the best brew to customers.

Best equipment for the best brewing

Optimizing the brewing process requires the best equipment.

At Alfotech, we stock a wide range of high-quality technical components for the industry, all carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of breweries, such as

We focus on delivering standard and customized solutions with the longest possible lifespan under the right application conditions. Because, based on decades of experience, we know that this has a direct return on investment and helps improve the brewing process.

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Beer and beverage hoses for every taste

Our versatile range of food-approved beer and beverage hoses includes Unifood Flexperform, Beverage Plus, Beverage CLC/10 and Liquorflex/SD. They all offer excellent properties, especially in terms of flexibility and alcohol resistance. 

LiquorFlex/SD is specially designed with a UPE liner and built-in copper wire, making it ideal for transporting ethanol, for example in the production of spirits.

With an inner bromobutyl rubber surface, the hoses are also suitable for transporting products such as beer and other sugary soft drinks, as bromobutyl is characterized by high temperature, ozone and environmental resistance.

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Reassembly with several benefits

We understand the importance of sustainable production and the reduction of waste at every stage of the supply chain. We know this from working closely with several major breweries over the years. 

Our reassembly service comes with several benefits. We replace the hose connectors on the customer's existing hoses and fit new sleeves, all via our own in-house assembly workshop. This contributes to both financial and environmental savings, including better operational economy, significantly less consumption of raw materials and less waste.

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Top quality cleaning hoses and accessories

Top quality cleaning hoses and accessories

We offer a carefully selected range of cleaning hoses, including ISAR Water and Clean Wash, which are ideal for breweries' specific cleaning requirements. The low-pressure hoses are robust enough to handle varying temperatures and detergents. Other relevant cleaning accessories such as spray guns, hose reels, nozzles and spray balls are stock items that we can often deliver overnight.

With our cleaning hoses and accessories, you'll achieve a more efficient cleaning routine that saves time and resources while maintaining the strictest hygiene requirements.

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Your creditworthy partner

We're proud to use the market's most recognized credit rating model, the AAA rating.
This prestigious rating is not just a logo; it's a stamp of quality that proves our financially sound and well-consolidated business.
Our AAA rating is your guarantee of a stable and reliable partnership.

Alichem for CIP cleaning

CIP (clean-in-place) cleaning uses both chemical and mechanical methods to remove contamination from process equipment without having to dismantle it. This ensures a thorough and consistent cleaning that effectively removes both visible and microscopic contaminants.

We recommend using the highly reliable chemical hoses from the Alichem range for CIP cleaning, especially Alichem/SPL and HOT Alichem/BN-S. These hoses have a smooth EPDM rubber inner surface, are extremely durable and can cover wide temperature ranges.

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Case: Quick help for major Danish brewery

During CIP cleaning, an important hose burst at the production facility. Our technical consultant was contacted and within a single day we delivered new CIP hoses including proprietary crimped hose couplings with InterLock.

Our quick and efficient solution helped restore production safely and quickly, and underlines our commitment to maintaining our customers' production despite unforeseen challenges.

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Documentation and certifications in order

We comply with all relevant product standards and directives for food production, including in the brewing sector, with a special focus on food approvals such as FDA and BfR. 
This way, we can guarantee that our products meet all relevant safety and quality requirements for safe and efficient use in food and beverage production.
All necessary documentation, including approvals and certifications, is always supplied with our products.

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