Food-approved beer and beverage hoses for industrial use

At Alfotech, we stock a large selection of food-approved beer and beverage hoses, which are suitable for most professional process plants. We have many years of experience in supplying the right hose solutions to the food industry, and our carefully selected range of beer and beverage hoses are ideal for the production of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and spirits. They are subject to strict hygiene requirements and follow all the current industry standards.

The construction of the hoses

Our wide range of beer and beverage hoses, especially from the Beverage series, is designed for taste- and odor-free transport of various types of beverages and is also ozone- and weather-resistant. Most of them are made of bromobutyl on the inside and EPDM on the outside. However, we also have Unifood Flexperform, which differs by being made internally in a combination of natural rubber and neoprene, and comes with a built-in steel spiral that gives it extra great flexibility. Maybe high alcohol concentration is part of your production? For that our popular Liqourflex/SD will be especially suitable.

Breweries put their trust in us

Based on our great expertise and supply capability within these particular type of industrial hoses, many Danish as well as foreign breweries put their trust in us. Like so many other places, maintaining the operation of breweries is paramount, since a breakdown can cost even a lot of money. With our extensive experience in the industry, we know what it takes to make the most reliable solutions for all types of production facilities, and precisely this insight makes us the preferred supplier in the industry. Read e.g. here's how we urgently assisted a large Danish brewery with new hoses after an accident in connection with a CIP cleaning.

Use our online hose configurator - or contact us for advice and guidance

Are you in need of high-quality food-approved hoses? With a strong focus on selecting only the best suppliers, we stock one of the industry's best selections of beer and beverage hoses, which comply with all industry standards. Ordering can easily be done online via our unique online hose configurator with which you can specify hose type, dimension, length, coupling pieces, as well as marking and need for pressure certificates. We then deliver from day-to-day.

However, if you need advice instead, you can also always contact our sales team, which has extensive experience in finding just the right tailor-made hose solutions for different types of production facilities. We take pride in servicing you in the best possible way, and promise quality, durability, and process optimization. We fulfill such a promise by always emphasizing a close and strong customer collaboration, so that we find the perfect end product together.

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