The best Teflon tubes & hoses for the process industry

Alfotech offers high quality flexible Teflon tubes and hoses, also known as PTFE hoses, to companies in the process industry. We have a wide selection of Teflon tubes and hoses and constantly keep up to date with market developments in the field, which enables us to tailor solutions to our customers across industries. Teflon tubes and hoses are extremely popular in many manufacturing companies as they are well suited for transporting food, pharmaceutical and chemical products in many types of process plants, while complying with current industry standards and regulations.

The benefits of Teflon tubes & hoses

Our Teflon tubes and hoses are of very high quality and are made of pure PTFE/Teflon without fillers or additives. Therefore, they have fundamentally excellent properties in relation to both pressure and temperature. Here, it is especially a general temperature range between -70°C and up to +260°C that makes our Teflon tubes and hoses cover most needs. PTFE/Teflon has the unique property that it is anti-adhesive/grease-repellent, which provides an optimal flow in the tube or hose and an extended service life. In addition, the Teflon tubes and hoses are food approved and can be easily sterilized in connection with cleaning.

In corrugated form, Teflon hoses are ideal for e.g. drainage and filter systems, where extra flexibility is required. Since they also come in a transparent version, you can easily ensure monitoring of flow. Read our news article about how we helped one of Denmark's largest dairies with the replacement of process pipes for corrugated Teflon hoses at their filtration plant.

Stainless steel braid and silicone for demanding production environments

Our stock range within Teflon hoses also includes models that are well suited for production environments where good resistance against temperature, pressure and/or chemical exposure is required, for example in the case of aggressive liquids. These Teflon hoses, including FoodForce C for example, are constructed of corrugated PTFE internally and externally protected with stainless steel braid, which makes them extremely resistant to both temperature and pressure without loss of mechanical properties. Should there be very high requirements for hygiene, such as in laboratory environments in connection with pharmaceutical production, it is worth looking at our PharmaForce C model. PharmaForce C is additionally coated with a transparent silicone cover, which gives the hose a smooth outer surface that is easy to clean after use. All our Teflon hoses, both with and without stainless steel braid, are available in sizes from 1/4 "to 10" (DN8 to DN250).

Contact us for advice and guidance

If you are in doubt about which type of Teflon tube or hose would suit your process plant, our experienced sales team is ready to give you the best advice. In this way, we ensure that you achieve the most operationally optimal solution in relation to your needs. Call +45 7020 0422 or send us an e-mail at - and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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