High-quality oily and fatty food hoses

If you are short of high-quality oil and fatty food hoses, approved for food production and with full traceability, then Alfotech is the right supplier. Based on several years of experience with both standard and special solutions for the process industry, we have a carefully composed range of oily and fatty food hoses, which comply with all necessary standards and suit every need in the industry. Our Oily Food series is used in production facilities across industries with high quality and hygiene requirements.

The right materials ensure durable hoses with great flexibility

Alfotech's oily and fatty food hoses are mainly made of a combination of nitrile rubber (NBR) on the inside and neoprene on the outside. Particularly, nitrile rubber has an excellent resistance to oil, grease and solvents, and therefore finds many uses for hoses and gaskets. The Oily Food/10 variants of our oily and fatty food hoses are also reinforced with synthetic tissue, which not only makes them very durable, but also very flexible to work with. However, the HOT Oily Food/10 FLEXPERFORMANCE version, which is specially designed for oily foods such as ketchup, differs in that it is made exclusively of nitrile rubber both inside and out. In addition, it is corrugated with a construction around 2 steel spirals, and this makes it one of the most flexible hoses in the Oily Food series.

All our oily and fatty food hoses comply with both BfR and FDA standards and can of course be supplied with valid certificates if desired. Like many other types of hoses, they are also free of animal derivatives, phthalates and adipates. Finally, they all come with batch number for full traceability.

Choose the right fittings - and try the hose configurator

In addition to oily and fatty food hoses, we always have a large selection of dairy fittings to suit every need. Via our webshop you will find many quality products within stainless steel welding fittings and union parts, including DS, DIN, SMS, Clamp and MINI Clamp. You can also easily put together your hose solution via our hose configurator, which is easy and simple to use. You will be guided all the way until you finally have an illustration of the finished hose and the size and type choices that you have specified.

Tailor-made solutions and own assembly workshop

If you need advice to find the best solution within oily and fatty food hoses, contact our experienced sales team, which is ready to assist you. Based on our extensive experience and expertise in technical solutions for the food industry, we have also had great success with tailor-made solutions for many of our customers, as well as optimizing their operations and resource consumption. Through our own in-house assembly workshop, we have the necessary competencies needed to develop and produce high-quality special solutions - also when it comes to oil- and fatty food hoses. In addition to certified welding and customization, we also offer reassembly of, for example, hose nozzles via our economical recycling solution with which you can save up to 60% in when replacing your oily and fatty food hoses.

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