Hoses for collecting granules and powder

Alfotech has one of the largest selections of granulate hoses for the process industry. We sell to many types of companies and therefore have a range that is targeted at many different production facilities within both the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and the chemical industry. Common to many of our customers is that there is a need for granulate hoses for collecting granules and other types of powder.

Solid hoses

Common for our granulate hoses is that they are constructed around a steel spiral. The steel spiral ensures both the granulate hose's flexibility and mobility, while at the same time protecting the granulate hose, if it is in a place with a risk of collision or treading. The granulate hose has both a built-in flexible conductor of copper wire, and there is also mixed conductive material in the PUR material of the hose itself. This not only makes the granulate hose very durable and flexible, but also ensures its antistatic properties.


If you use hoses to suck up sanding dust, granules or powder, static electricity can be generated - it is important to ensure that the hose is antistatic. Therefore, we have made sure to stock antistatic granulate hoses, which are designed to completely avoid the problems of static electricity and shocks, and which have a strongly well-developed flow.

If you want to be sure to avoid static electricity in your production, it is important that the entire suction system around the granulate hose is earthed. Additionally, the granulate hose must have a built-in copper wire to dissipate static electricity. Alfotech's antistatic granulate hoses come with a myriad of different hose couplings - our granulate hoses can therefore be adapted to virtually all types of productions, including production of sugar, cereals, wheat, milk powder to flour and animal feed and many other powdered products.

Tailor-made solutions

When you find the perfect granulate hose, you can take advantage of our unique online hose configurator. With the hose configurator, you can quickly and easily find the specific solution you need. It has all combinations of hoses, dimensions, and hose couplings, so you just have to choose your hose type and subsequently enter your measurements and requirements. With the hose configurator you can preview your complete hose configuration based on the choice of hose type and accessories according to your requirements.

If you have specific questions about the hose configurator, the solution proposal or just need advice and guidance about granulate hoses, you are always welcome to contact us. We are happy to help you find the optimal solution for your business and production. We advise based on more than 35 years of experience in the process industry as well as our great expertise in granulate hoses. In addition, we value a trusting and close cooperation with our customers. In that way, we always find the right solution together regardless of industry and production.

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