Hoses and accessories for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries

Alfotech spcialise in technical components for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our hoses are specialised for a wide range of uses in the food and pharmaceutical industry and of high quality. With us, you get the largest selection of hoses for the process industry, both as part of a complete solution and as individual components.

We offer advice so you are sure to get the type of hose that is best suited for your production. Alfotech stocks and assembles complete hose solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The very large program of process hoses covers all types of media including fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, and dairy products in liquid or powder form.

With us, you get the solution to your special needs, which you cannot solve elsewhere. We offer advice, development, and assemble parts for your overall hose solution, with documentation according to current rules depending on the function for which the hoses are to be used.

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Process hoses

In cooperation with our long-standing manufacturers and our customers, we develop innovative process hoses that meet very specific needs and challenges.

We supply hoses to the process industry with a wide range of customized properties. We can offer hoses that are flexible, reinforced, and resistant to alcohol, grease, extreme temperature as well as wear, weather, and explosive atmosphere. With a wide range of specialized hoses, it is always possible to find a solution to your needs. We offer total solutions with all types of hose couplings, including hygienic or industrial with associated fittings for the approved process hoses.

Our products and services meet current legal requirements. It includes, i.a., EU Regulation 1935/2004. You thus also get full traceability of your products, so we can always find the associated batch, if there, against expectations, should be any defects.

Requirements for the production of food and pharmaceutical products

In Denmark, requirements are high for the production of food and pharmaceuticals and the respective directives are fundamental to be able to produce both food, drinks, and pharmaceuticals, including food legislation and US Pharmacopeia (USP Class VI).

Maintenance, accessories, and spare parts for process hoses

At Alfotech, we also offer advice on optimizing hoses and systems so that they last longer and you experience fewer production stoppages and operational disruptions.  The possibility of continuously reusing components and simply replacing the hose is in the long run both a more economical and environmentally friendly solution for the vast majority of our customers. That is why we offer both necessary accessories such as hose guards, hose clamps, and reels for hoses, as well as spare and wear parts for your solution.

Advice and development based on your challenges

At Alfotech, we develop special solutions for specific challenges. We have the competencies and know-how to produce solutions that can work in particularly demanding environments. Therefore, you can get advice from us that is based on your challenges and how they can be solved most appropriately with a sensible economy. We offer innovative solutions you will not find anywhere else.

We stay up to date on current legislation so that we can advise on requirements for the processes used in your production. Thereby you can ensure that the production complies with current legislation. This means that your special solutions live up to the applicable requirements within your process area and that you get the necessary certificates and documents with full traceability of the products.

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