Largest selection of PVC hoses on the market

Whether you need a new hose for transporting non-fatty foods or alcohol, or for your compressed air installation in connection with industrial cleaning, we cover with our market-leading selection of PVC hoses every need in both the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. We only offer PVC hoses of the highest quality and they naturally comply with all current industry standards and regulations.

PVC as a construction material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic product that is basically used today in the process, construction and civil engineering industry. In connection with the production of process hoses, PVC became very popular as a construction material during the 1960s, when the need arose especially in the agricultural sector. As a material, PVC is very durable, flexible and also relatively inexpensive. Regardless of industrial need, PVC hoses are therefore an alternative to rubber hoses. Many of our PVC hoses are also transparent, which makes it possible to spot blockages and monitor the flow of the medium. Of course, this also contributes to operational safety benefits.

Reinforced versions for high pressure

At Alfotech, we also stock reinforced PVC hoses for more demanding operating needs and environments where suction, pressure and discharge tasks are performed. Our Thermoclean AL20 hot water hose, for example, is ideal for industrial cleaning under high pressure. It is designed in 5 layers with embedded polyester reinforcement. This construction gives Thermoclean AL20 excellent performance while being easy to handle. Another of our PVC hoses, Spirable S.N.T.-S, is suitable for transporting non-fatty foods as well as alcohol up to 50% at a maximum of 60 ° C. Unlike Thermoclean AL20, however, it is reinforced with a shockproof PVC spiral instead. Like all other of our PVC hoses, it is made without the use of phthalates.

PVC hoses for compressed air

We have a large selection of PVC hoses for different applications. PVC hoses are suitable for compressed air installations and are widely used across different industries. PVC's versatile properties and economical price point make PVC hoses a suitable solution for many air installations. Our Super Nobelair Soft compressed air hose is used in the fishing industry for compressed air in connection with fish farming. Super Nobelair Soft is a light and flexible hose that is mechanically strong with a long service life. Super Nobelair Soft has a working pressure of 15 bar, where our Super Tress-Nobel hose has a working pressure of as much as 80 bar. So regardless of the environment and needs, we can help with the right compressed air hose.

Try the hose configurator or contact us for advice

Whatever the need, we can of course tailor exactly the solution you may need based on your technical specifications. PVC hoses can be equipped with various types of couplings depending on the setup of your existing process plant. We provide professional technical advice based on our 35+ years of industry experience across industries, so do not hesitate to contact us by phone +45 7020 0422 or e-mail Alternatively, you can also easily and quickly assemble your own PVC hose with the right fittings show our intuitive hose collector. Inquiry or order is then sent to us, after which we will contact you.

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