Extend your lifespan with hose guards from Alfotech

In the process industry, protecting equipment and employees can be crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient production process. An important part of this protection is preventing damage and failures due to hoses being damaged by wear and tear or external influences. This is where hose guards come in.

Why use hose protection?

Hose guards are designed to protect hoses from abrasion, corrosion, cuts and other damage that can occur during operation. This can both prevent leaks and reduce the risk of downtime and interruptions, which increases productivity and can reduce costs in the long run.

In addition, hose guards are easy to install and can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries, where they can protect hoses on pipelines, hydraulic systems and more. They are also recyclable and can withstand both frost and heat, so they can be used year-round in any manufacturing or industrial application.

Different types and applications

At Alfotech, we offer spiral hose guards for the process industry that are produced by extrusion from high-density polyethylene, which provides superior breaking strength and naturally round spiral edges. This ensures that the hose guard can cover multiple hose dimensions, making it easier to choose the right size for the specific hose. The spiral hose guard can also improve safety by preventing hoses from being damaged and creating dangerous situations. In addition, it is resistant to acid, oil and solvents, giving the hose extra protection against chemical influences in the production process.

Another type of hose protector is our smooth rubber hose guard, which is made from flexible and strong nitrile rubber. This guard is specifically designed to protect couplings and hose joints on foam system washers, where they are subject to constant wear and tear and can be damaged by the high pressures and temperatures.

We also offer 2-piece hose guards, which are designed to extend the life of industrial hoses by protecting them from heavy wear and tear during operation and cleaning. Made from nitrile rubber, the hose protector can be retrofitted to any existing industrial hose and comes in several different colors for easy color coding.

2-piece hose guard

Read more about our 2-piece hose guard in the news article here.

Hose protection for your specific needs

Do you need guidance on which hose protectors are best suited for your production?

Our experienced team of specialists is ready to help you find the most effective solution to protect your hoses and reduce the risk of downtime and maintenance. At Alfotech, we are experts in helping companies find the best solutions for their needs.

Contact us at alfotech@alfotech.dk or call us on +45 7020 0422 and we will be happy to help you find the best hose guard for your production.

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