Hoses for transporting aggressive liquids

Our professional composite hoses are manufactured in high quality for most industrial needs. This includes everything from liquids and powders to aggressive chemicals and fuel oils. In addition, in our wide range of hoses we also have composite hoses, which are suitable for food such as alcohol or oily products. Our hoses are also often used to transport petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, petroleum or aromatic substances.

A wide range of hoses

Alfotech has one of Denmark's largest hose selections for the process industry. We deal primarily with the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. That is why we sell a multitude of hoses for countless purposes, and among them are our composite hoses, which can be used for transporting aggressive liquids. For these hoses, it is especially important that the material is durable and flexible, so that the hoses do not wear out after a short time.

At Alfotech, all our hoses are selected based on our strong competencies and large experience base in the industry. Therefore, you can always expect high quality products at competitive prices at Alfotech, and the same applies to our composite hoses.

Transportation of liquids on land and water

Having the right hose for unloading and loading is important. Our composite hoses are used, among other things, for loading and unloading tankers; railways, lorries or as transfers to facilities such as storage tanks.

Constructions of the hoses

The construction of the hose is crucial for its performance in the transportation of liquids. Alfotech has set a high standard of the hose's construction, so that our customers always have a satisfactory experience when using our products.

Our composite hoses are made up of several layers of thermoplastic material, which is reinforced inside and out with a stainless steel AISI 316 steel spiral. This makes them flexible but at the same time durable and resistant. The composite hoses are resistant to UV rays, ozone, sunlight, temperature fluctuations and weather. In this way, they have unique properties to be able to withstand most environments. In addition, our composite hoses can be supplied with an antistatic cover, as well as a Fire-tech version with ADR self-extinguishing cover, for increased safety.

If you transport food, our composite hose Food 500 is food approved and complies with both EU and FDA current regulations. All versions of the hoses can be fitted with a large selection of fittings as well as a large selection of accessories such as sanitary fittings DS, DIN, SMS, or Tri-clamp.

The hose configurator and tailor-made solutions

If you are missing new composite hoses in your production, Alfotech has one of the industry's largest and most competitive and quality-assured selections. You can easily put together exactly the solution that best suits your production with our unique hose configurator. Our hose configurator allows you to specify hose type, dimension, length, fitting pieces, as well as labeling and need for pressure certificates.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or you do not quite know what the most optimal solution is for your production, Alfotech can advise you in tailor-made solutions that promote and secure your production.

Alfotech advises you on your hose solutions and promises quality, durability and process optimization. We fulfill such a promise by always emphasizing a close and strong customer collaboration, so that together we find the perfect end product.

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