Hoses for transporting chemical liquids and harsh chemicals

Alfotech has one of Denmark's largest hose selections for the processing industry. We sell primarily to the pharmaceutical, food industry and not least the chemical industry. That is why we sell a multitude of hoses for countless purposes, and among them are our chemical hoses, which can be used in productions in the chemical industry. For these hoses, it is especially important that the material is durable and flexible, so that the harsh chemicals do not wear out the hoses after a short time.

At Alfotech, all our hoses are carefully selected, so you get the optimal hose for your specific needs. You can always expect high quality hoses and components at competitive prices, and here our chemical hoses are no exception.

Hoses for all chemistry

We sell hoses that can be used in productions with all kinds of chemical liquids. Our all-round chemical hose Manichem can transport a wide range of aggressive chemicals and is Atex secured so that it can be used in hazardous areas. It is designed to ensure the dissipation of electrostatic electricity on both the outside and inside. The Prochim hose can be used as both a pressure and suction hose for many chemicals, which is why it is suitable for use on for example tankers or applications in the chemical industry. Our Alichem hoses can be used to transport non-fatty foods, light chemical liquids and CIP cleaning.

Constructions of the hoses

The construction is crucial for the hose's durability, flexibility and general safety in the production in question. And in the chemical industry, the construction of the hose is fundamental in order to ensure production.

Alfotech sells hoses that are both durable, ozone and weather resistant and reinforced with several layers (heat resistant) polyester and with smooth EPDM rubber inside. This increases the durability and enables the customer to use it in most kinds of chemical productions and in most production climates.

In addition, some of the hoses are available with antistatic hose walls (<1010Ω) or an antistatic helix strip (≤<106Ω), and a built-in steel spiral – this in order to protect the employee against for example shocks.

Tailor-made solutions

If you are involved in the chemical industry and need to renew the hoses in your production, then Alfotech is the place to turn to. We are always ready to help you with the most optimal solution and can advise in tailor-made solutions that promote and secure your production.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use our specially developed hose collector to put together exactly the hose solution that suits your production. Select hose, enter length, select fittings and tell us if you require special labeling, and send it through to us. We double-check all orders before we put them into production, so you can be sure that you have ordered the right solution.

Alfotech advises you in your upcoming hose solutions and promises quality, durability and process optimization. We fulfill such a promise by always emphasizing a close and strong customer collaboration, so that together we find the perfect end product.

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