Hoses for high temperatures and high alcohol percentages

At Alfotech, we are specialists in hoses for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. We have a wide selection of high-quality silicone hoses for different uses in the process industry. Silicone hoses are not only suitable for transporting liquids with high or low temperatures, but also liquids with a high alcohol percentage. Silicone is a durable material that is stable to a wide range of chemicals, which is why silicone hoses are often used in laboratories, pharmaceutical productions or the cosmetics industry.

Construction of silicone hoses

Alfotech's silicone hoses are ozone and weather resistant as well as resistant to both ultraviolet light and static electricity. Our silicone hoses cover very low temperatures, all the way down to -60°C and range as high as + 200°C, depending on the medium. Our silicone hoses can be sterilized with both air and steam up to + 200°C, depending on the product. Our premium silicone hose Clearway-SD Platinum is specially made of autoclaved silicone inside and outside, and reinforced with a steel spiral, which makes the hose extra strong with a burst pressure of 10 bar. All our silicone hoses are designed for taste-free and odor-free transport of media, and this makes them especially suitable for food and medicinal production. At Alfotech, of course, we also sell FDA-approved smooth silicone hoses in most dimensions. Smooth silicone hoses have all the positive properties of silicone, and are incredibly flexible, which makes them easy to mount on hose connection. Smooth silicone hoses are available in different hardnesses as measured on the Shore Durometer (Shore Hardness Scale). Our Silicone Hose, Peroxide, without inserts has e.g. a hardness of Shore 60, while our Silicone Hose, Peroxide, for peristaltic pump has a hardness of Shore 55. Ask us for help in finding the perfect hose for your production.

Food-approved silicone hoses

Quality assurance of hoses for use in food or medicinal production is of the highest priority at Alfotech. Silicone is an FDA-approved material, and all our silicone hoses are suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical production. In addition to the FDA, Alfotech's Clearway-SD Platnium silicone hose also complies with EU Commission Regulation 2023/2006/EC, EC 1935/2004, US Pharmacopeia (USP Class VI), and E.p.3.1.9/European Phamacopeia. The hose is free of animal derivatives, phthalates and adipates. Our smooth silicone hoses also comply with EU Commission Regulation EC 1935/2004 and are also produced according to ISO standard.

Silicone hoses for the process industry

Today, Alfotech's silicone hoses are used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, food companies and chemical companies for a wide range of processes. Silicone hoses are widely used in the industry and are often found in laboratories, in clean rooms, medicinal production, in connection with cleaning plants (CIP), and not to forget in various food productions.

Contact us for advice and guidance

If you need help finding the right hose solution, we are always available by phone or e-mail. We advise and guide you and help design a tailor-made hose solution that suits your particular production facility.

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