Thermoplastic hoses (TPE) for industrial needs

Are you in need of thermoplastic hoses for the production of food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or cosmetics? At Alfotech, we carry several different types of food-approved thermoplastic hoses from carefully selected suppliers as to ensure the absolute highest industrial quality. Our thermoplastic hoses in TPE (thermoplastic rubber) are transparent and all possess several beneficial properties in favor of a more streamlined process, particularly in relation to both temperature and chemical resistances. In addition, thermoplastic hoses make up a sensible environmentally and energy-friendly alternative to other more common types of plastic and rubber materials, while at the same time complying with current legislation within the process industry.

Thermoplastic hoses in different TPE types

When it comes to thermoplastic hoses, many TPE types with different properties exist. They differ, for example, in factors such as chemical resistance, hardness, elasticity, compression ability and temperature coverage. Our thermoplastic hose Pharma Press is made of transparent TPE-S, which is very suitable for hygienic transport of food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, cosmetics and media with alcohol up to 96%. As a thermoplastic hose, Pharma Press is extremely flexible and at the same time very resistant to oils and fats under normal conditions of use. With a temperature range from -30 ° C to + 100 ° C and useable in several applications, this thermoplastic hose is a really good choice. If extra strength is required, we also offer our thermoplastic hose Pharmasteel Press, which is also reinforced with stainless steel AISI 302 steel spiral and polyester fabric. This is a thermoplastic hose with good chemical resistance along with high wear and weather resistance.

FDA approved hoses for use in the food industry

All our thermoplastic hoses are marked with the international FDA approval, which ensures compliance with applicable legislation and thus the use of these types of hoses for food contact. In addition, our thermoplastic hoses are USP Class VI certified, which is the most stringent certification of compliance with current standards in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. Therefore, choosing one of Alfotech’s food-approved thermoplastic hoses, which of course also comes with relevant declarations and pressure test certificates, is always a safe choice.

Get advice and guidance on choosing the right hose type

Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance on the right choice of thermoplastic hoses, fittings and other accessories. Our experienced sales team with great know-how in this particular product category is ready to help you with guidance and advice if you need it. Call +45 7020 0422 or send an e-mail to together we will find the best solution for you.

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