The best hoses for your dairy products

Alfotech has one of the industry's widest selections of quality-assured hoses for transporting dairy products and other similar fatty foods. Here you will find, among other things, Milkland, Milkland Crushproof and Mastermilk.

A wide range of hoses

Alfotech has one of Denmark's largest hose selections for the process industry. We deal primarily with the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. That is why we sell a multitude of hoses for countless purposes, and among them are our milk hoses, which can be used for transporting dairy products and other fatty foods.

For these hoses, it is especially important that the material is suitable for food and can handle dairy products, as well as lactic acid. All our milk hoses are certified to be used for food, and they are carefully selected according to hygiene properties and flexibility.

Constructions of milk hoses

Alfotech's milk hoses are made in different rubber qualities adapted to the transport of dairy products. The hoses have a smooth surface on the inside and durable outside, often with a built-in steel spiral to increase flexibility.

The hoses are designed so that the food does not absorb taste or smell from the hoses. In addition, the hoses are weather resistant and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Alfotech Milkland hose is also available in a Milkland Crushproof version, which is made around a nylon spiral, which makes the hose easier to take its original shape should there be an unintentional run-over.

The hose configurator and tailor-made solutions

If you are missing new milk hoses in your food production, Alfotech has one of the industry's largest and most competitive and quality-assured selection. Subsequently, you can take advantage of our unique hose configurator, which makes it easy to assemble your favorite hose online, with a choice of the correct couplings in the right dimension.

If you are not sure what the optimal solution is for your production, we at Alfotech have over 40 years of experience and are happy to advise on choosing the right hose with the right specifications and the corresponding correct coupling pieces.

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