High quality hose couplings for the process industry

Alfotech is a leader in components, spare parts, and accessories for industrial use. Among other things, we have a large selection of hose couplings and other accessories for hoses. All our equipment and materials are of high, industrial quality. See our large selection of hose couplings on this page.

Hose couplings for all industrial purposes

At Alfotech, we have for several decades developed, designed, and produced hose couplings of the highest quality and supplemented our own program with products from a number of leading manufacturers. But even though the selection is large and wide, the products are still carefully selected, so you can be sure that all products are of high quality and live up to the applicabele standards that are necessary for industrial use.

We also want to ensure that the products we carry are produced in the right materials in relation to and meet all applicable requirements as to the type of industry in which they are to be used. That way, you can be sure to find the right hose couplings, whether it is for pharmaceutical, food or other industrial purposes. Depending on which solution meets the operational requirements, our selection covers the following options:

  • Pressure couplings
  • Replaceable couplings
  • Clamping jaw couplings
  • Clamps

Hose couplings for the process industry

Here you will find, for example, hose couplings and other components that are suitable for use with food. When using food hoses, it is important that they meet a number of requirements that apply to food handling. 

At Alfotech, it has been natural for us to recycle some of the components we offer our customers. That is why we have also developed a recycling solution for our hose couplings. When the hoses need to be replaced, the couplings are cut off and sent to our assembly workshop. We then reuse the hose connection for a new hose solution, and in this way, we minimize material waste.

We are experts in products for industrial use

At Alfotech, we specialise in advising on the selection of products of various kinds for industrial use. This means that no matter what profession you operate in, you can always count on the right advice from us. In this way, we ensure that you always get the optimal products that fit your specific production.

If you need advice and guidance in connection with the selection of hose couplings and other components, please contact us with your question. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page, or you can use our contact form. We will strive to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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