Nozzles, lances, swivels, and other parts

At Alfotech you can always be sure to find a large selection of professional equipment and high-quality spare parts for industrial use. On this page, you will find, among other things, nozzles, lances, and swivels as well as other spare parts and other high-quality accessories for use on hoses and flush guns in connection with, among other things, low-pressure cleaning systems including rinsing, disinfection, or application of cleaning foam.

Nozzles for rinsing, foam, and disinfection

We have several different types of nozzles, which are suitable for different types of flush guns as well as cleaning systems, depending on whether you need them for:

  • Flushing
  • Foam (for cleaning)
  • Disinfection

No matter what type of nozzle, lance, or swivel you need, you can be sure to always find high-quality professional spare parts at Alfotech. Click around this page and see our selection and different product categories with spare parts for cleaning systems for industrial use.

Choose the right nozzles, lances, and swivels

Make the right considerations when buying spare parts for your industrial cleaning systems. There is a difference in the different swivels, lances, and nozzles depending on which system you need to use them for, as well as the type of liquid that needs to flow through the nozzle.

Choose nozzles by function

First of all, choose nozzles and swivels according to function. This is because it is different what kind you need, depending on the working pressure and function it is to be used for, for example, cleaning, flushing, cooling, or something completely different. Under each product you can see, among other things, how many bars each nozzle or swivel can handle. Here it is also extremely important that you choose components that are compatible with each other and the equipment they are mounted on.

Different types of fluid require different kinds of nozzles and swivels

In addition, there may also be a difference in the type of liquid that must pass through the nozzle. Here you must, among other things, pay attention to the working pressure and the temperature of the liquid that must pass through the nozzle and the swivel. Most swivels are designed for liquids right up to the boiling point, just as the working pressure is relatively high.

Contact us, if you have questions about our products

Under the individual products you can read more about specifications in relation to function and type. If you are still in doubt about which spare parts to use or if you have other questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email. We are always ready to advise and guide our customers, and have many years of experience with industrial equipment, spare parts, and material. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page or use our contact form.

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