Pharma showdown: Clearway vs. Cleanroom

Pharma showdown: Clearway vs. Cleanroom

Product insights

The production of pharmaceutical products rhymes with high requirements for the process hose. Often the Clearway-SD Platinum or Dynamic Cleanroom is the winner. But which of these process hoses is the best?

That depends on the requirements you may have based on your specific production conditions, including pressure, temperature, space, etc.

In this edition of our newsletter, we focus on the pros and cons of these two kings of process hoses, which are top-of-the-line in terms of quality. That way, you'll be equipped to make an informed choice the next time you go shopping.

Read on and learn more!

Properties and applications

3D graphics of Clearway-SD Platinum hose
3D graphics of Dynamic Cleanroom hose

Clearway-SD Platinum is a highly specialized silicone hose suitable for transporting products with alcohol content up to 96%. It is heat-treated and comes with a robust construction in Platinum-cured silicone inside and out. This makes it ideal for the production of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The hose is distinguished by its exceptional temperature tolerance, ranging from -60°C to +200°C. Furthermore, with its unmatched flexibility, it is perfect for applications that require a small bending radius and a high vacuum.

Dynamic Cleanroom, on the other hand, is a universal hose developed with a focus on highly hygienic transportation of media. The hose combines the technical advantages of a PFA liner on the inside with the elasticity and heat resistance of silicone on the outside. The inner PFA liner gives the hose excellent chemical resistance and shares many of the same properties as our hoses for transporting chemical liquids.

With a temperature tolerance from -30°C to +150°C and its food-grade approval both inside and out, Dynamic Cleanroom is ideal for transporting pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical products.

Pros and cons

Overview of product pros and cons

Make the best choice with us

So, both Clearway-SD Platinum and Dynamic Cleanroom are excellent choices, but with different strengths and applications. With the pros and cons of each hose highlighted, you are now better equipped to make an informed decision that matches your specific industrial requirements.

If you have any questions or need further guidance in choosing the most suitable hose for your needs, our sales team is always ready to assist. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and find the optimal solution for your business via or +45 7020 0422.

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