Silicone hose, Platinum, Cleanroom


Silicone hose suitable for peristaltic pumping and fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotech applications with high hygiene requirements.

NOTE! We offer more dimensions than those listed in the table below. Please contact us for a quote.


Made of transparent silicone and smooth inside. Packaged in cleanroom at ISO-7 certified facility and delivered in a double bag. The silicone hose can withstand high temperatures and is highly flexible.

Hardness: Shore 60.


The temperature ranges from -40°C to +200°C.
The hose can be autoclaved.


All pressures are stated at the temperature +20°C.


FDA (Title 21 CFR 177.2600), NSF-51 certified Silicone Resin, EP 3.1.9 (European Pharmacopeia), USP Class VI, USP Class 87 (in Vitro), Germany: BfR VI, France: Arrete du 25, ISO 10993, RoHS, TSE/BSE Free. The hose is free from phthalates, bisphenol and plasticizers.


Fda Food Quality Blue Rgb European Ep319 Blue Rgb Bfr Blue Rgb Uspclassvi Pharma Blue Rgb Iso10993 Blue Rgb Phthalates Free Blue Rgb Platicisers Free Blue Rgb
Item number Inner dia.
Outer dia.
Metres per
Color Base unit Quantity
P042205005037 0,50 3,70 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205008040 0,80 4,00 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205012044 1,20 4,40 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205016048 1,60 4,76 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205020052 2,00 5,20 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205030060 3,00 6,00 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205032064 3,20 6,40 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205040060 4,00 6,00 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205040090 4,00 9,00 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205047095 4,76 9,5 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205048080 4,80 8,00 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205064128 6,40 12,80 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205080096 8,00 9,60 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205100116 10,0 11,6 25,0 Transparent PCS
P042205111127 11,1 12,7 25,0 Transparent PCS
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