Video: Do you know these coupling types?

Video: Do you know these coupling types?


Do you often get confused about DIN, SMS and DS coupling types?

If you've ever wondered how to tell them apart, now there's help - even if you have a busy workday ahead of you. And the best part? You can just sit down in front of the screen and relax😊

In our new short and informative YouTube video, we make it as simple as possible; we explain the difference between these 3 most common coupling types in the process industry and take a closer look at their characteristics.

Got your coffee ready? Watch it now!

Still in doubt?

Our experts have set foot in countless dairies and breweries for more than three decades. At Alfotech, we know almost every conceivable combination when it comes to these types of process plant couplings.

If you're still not sure which of them you're using, don't hesitate to contact our competent sales team, who can quickly and safely guide you through the process.

Infographic on DIN, SMS and DS coupling types
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