Chem SD


Chem SD is suitable for the transportation of gasoline, petroleum, oil and aggressive chemicals. For example, the hose can be used for loading and unloading on tankers and other storage tanks.

To dissipate any electrostatic charges, the hose should be grounded with the installation.


Chem SD is constructed of several layers of thermoplastic material around Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The hose is reinforced on the inside with a PP-coated cover and on the outside with a stainless steel spiral, as well as a weather-resistant and durable outer cover made of polyvinyl. Chem SD is resistant to UV, ozone, sunlight and weather. Chem SD can be supplied with a special black anti-static cover that complies with Directive 94/9/EC for an explosive ATEX environment.

The outer cover is also available in elastothane, a special PU-coated material that is extra resistant to UV, ozone, sunlight and weather. This ensures superior temperature and wear properties. All versions of the hose can be fitted with a wide range of couplings and other accessories. The hose is available in Firetec version with ADR self-extinguishing cover.

  • Highly flexible and easy to handle
  • Ozone, UV, abrasion and weather-resistant


The temperature ranges from -30°C to +80°C.


All pressures are stated at the temperature +20°C.


The hose complies with PED Directive (97/23/CE), EN ISO 1402, EN ISO 7233 method B.

Safety factor:

Safety factor: ≥ 5 times working pressure.


Antistatic Blue Rgb
Item number Inner dia.
Bending radius
Working pressure
Burst pressure
Color Metres per
Net weight
Base unit Quantity
0405500400 40,0 100,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 1,040 MTR
0405500500 50,0 150,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 1,560 MTR
0405500650 65,0 200,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 1,870 MTR
0405500750 75,0 250,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 2,230 MTR
0405500800 80,0 250,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 2,230 MTR
0405501000 100,0 300,0 10,0 50,0 0,75 Green 40,0 3,620 MTR
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