How we help pharma

How we help pharma

When only the best is good enough.

Alfotech is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical tubing and aseptic couplings and fittings for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the production of these essential components ensures that we not only understand the unique requirements and standards that apply in pharma, but also constantly develop and improve our products. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that we are always at the forefront of industry developments and can offer the most effective and safe solutions.

Safety and hygiene are crucial to us, especially when it comes to handling pharmaceutical products. That's why we guarantee that our products meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements. This is achieved through a comprehensive and stringent quality control process that ensures that each and every product meets the necessary standards and specifications.

We are dedicated to delivering products that contribute to the safe and efficient handling of pharmaceutical materials.

Our quality control process covers a wide range of activities, including rigorous quality testing and inspection of incoming goods, thorough material compatibility checks, and meticulous pressure testing to ensure our hose solutions perform optimally in all conditions.

Our commitment to quality and reliability means we continuously strive to improve and fine-tune our processes to ensure we deliver the best products on the market.

Cleanroom-made silicone hoses

At Alfotech, we supply silicone tubing that is safely and carefully manufactured in cleanrooms to ensure the highest standards of hygiene - a necessity in our work with the pharmaceutical industry. 
Our popular Clearway hoses, often used for filling machines and mixing units in the pharmaceutical industry, are produced to ISO Class 8 in platinum-cured silicone.
In addition, we offer the Platinum Cleanroom silicone hose, which is supplied double bagged in two sterile bags and manufactured in an ISO Class 7 certified facility. The double packaging ensures that the hoses remain free from contamination as the outer bag can be removed without affecting the inner bag. This maintains the sterility of the hoses until they are put into use.
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Durable PFA hoses

The co-polymer perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) shares many properties with PTFE (Teflon) and is highly resistant to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals. 

PFA tubing is therefore often preferred over other types of process tubing for pharmaceutical production where sterility is crucial and where media and solutions need to be transported without risk of contamination.

In addition, their smooth inner surface reduces friction and decreases the likelihood of particle and bacteria build-up, further contributing to the safety and efficiency of production.

See our range of PFA hoses

Highly hygienic production with aseptic fittings

Aseptic fittings are very important in order to avoid microorganism formation and a safe production process. 

We offer a wide range of aseptic fittings, of which our ASME Clamp fittings comply with ASME standards. In addition, several of our products meet the pharmaceutical industry's high requirements for a surface roughness of <0.4µm.

Aseptic loose flange with multiple benefits
Our aseptic loose flange is prominent in our range and is valued by our customers for several reasons. First and foremost, it extends the lifespan of the hose. In addition, it is easy to install and highly hygienic. This makes it ideal for pharmaceutical production environments with high quality and hygiene requirements.

Electropolishing for increased sanitary safety
To optimize hygiene, we offer electropolishing on fittings and coupling fixtures, including union parts and Tri-Clamp couplings. Electropolishing smoothes and polishes the surface, significantly reducing surface roughness. This is essential for easy cleaning and sterilization.

See our range of aseptic fittings
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Your creditworthy partner

We're proud to use the market's most recognized credit rating model, the AAA rating.
This prestigious rating is not just a logo; it's a stamp of quality that proves our financially sound and well-consolidated business.
Our AAA rating is your guarantee of a stable and reliable partnership.

Avoid cross-contamination with color coding

Color coding hoses is a simple and innovative solution that effectively supports the accurate and safe handling of media that is so crucial in pharmaceutical production.

A color coding system makes it easier for operators and technicians to identify hoses, simplifies work processes and significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

We can help you find the right color coding solution and our experienced sales consultants can advise on the best products in the field, such as heat shrink tubing.

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High quality, durable Teflon hoses

Teflon tubing, known for its chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and smooth surface, is ideal for pharmaceutical production. 

We can supply high-quality and durable Teflon hoses such as PharmaForce C, which is made from corrugated transparent PTFE with a stainless steel braid. The hose's silicone cover is easy to clean and acts as insulation for increased safety. ChemForce ATEX is designed specifically for the transportation of liquids where requirements for resistance against temperature, pressure or chemical exposure are high. Finally, the FoodForce C and FoodForce S variants offer excellent mechanical and chemical properties, suitable for extreme temperatures from +260°C to -73°C.

See our range of Teflon hoses

Documentation for guarantee

We comply with all product standards and directives within the pharmaceutical industry, including the EU ATEX directive, EU pharmacopeia and United States Pharmacopeia (USP).
Naturally, all necessary documentation such as approvals and certifications are always included when you buy from us.
This way, we can guarantee that our products meet all relevant safety and quality requirements for safe and efficient use in pharmaceutical production.

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