Teflon hoses pay off at food company CO-RO.

Teflon pays off

"We have always had a strong focus on production technology and believe in the principle that excellence in the end product starts with excellence in the raw materials. Furthermore, we closely monitor all internal processes in our quality management and all stages of production are documented. Switching to Alfotech's Teflon hoses has brought several benefits. The hoses are always tight at the joints, so our air compressor runs less and saves us money. The Teflon hoses are chemical resistant and can withstand our cleaning. They are a little more expensive to buy, but their durability means that the money is quickly recouped."

These are the words of Rudi Hein, Maintenance Assistant, Tech at CO-RO A/S.

Advantages of Teflon hoses
Traditional PVC hoses can be replaced with PTFE hoses.

One of the advantages of Teflon hoses is their durability, especially when used in areas where low-pressure cleaning systems are used. High chemical concentration will quickly dry out the hoses and increase the risk of breakage on PVC hoses, whereas Teflon hoses will continue to last. Another benefit is energy savings and thus better operating economy in the long run.

Dong Energy has calculated that a leakage loss through a 1 mm hole at 8 bar in a compressed air network results in a loss of DKK 5.200 per year.

Large selection of Teflon hoses

We have a large selection of Teflon hoses available in several colors, including the ones shown in the picture. We also supply in other colors up to ø50 mm. The hoses, which are all FDA-approved, are extruded in PTFE. They can be sterilized and cover temperatures from -73°C to +260°C.

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About CO-RO

About Alfotech

CO-RO A/S is a Danish company that focuses on good taste. Over the past 50 years, the company has developed a wide range of beverage concentrates, where production technology has had a major impact on market success.

CO-RO A/S is represented in more than 100 countries with internationally recognized brands such as Sunquick, Suntop and Suncola soft drinks, Sun Lolly freeze-dried ice cream, Great carbonated performance drinks, and the juice brands Sunfresh, Sun-C and Original.

Alfotech is a Danish-owned company founded in 1984. We represent several international suppliers of quality products and solutions that naturally meet the strict requirements of the industry. 

Our customers are from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries in Northern Europe. We import, develop and manufacture many of the components used in our solutions. The knowledge we have gained through 35 years of product development gives us great expertise in finding the right solution for your business.

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