A range with everything within food fittings and fittings for the pharmaceutical industry

Alfotech stocks products for both the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, and the chemical industry. We always consider it our responsibility which product we sell, and especially products for the food industry require quality as well as careful consideration and selection. We therefore only house experienced and trained employees. We have full confidence in them when we leave them with the responsibility of handling products to be used in industries where good quality and hygiene are paramount and sometimes a vital factor.

Respect for hygiene and food

We have a range that counts everything within food fittings. In addition, the products are mainly made of stainless steel (AISI 316). This type of steel is useful in the food industry as it is a material that is easy to keep sterile and because it can handle all types of food without taking damage. These include DS, SMS, DIN and Clamp fittings as well as various bends, short and long branches, T-types and crosses. In addition, there are extra equipment such as pipe carriers with and without shafts as well as food pipes.

We optimize our customer's returns

In order for our customers to get as much out of our food fittings as possible, we have chosen to stock a very wide range that can satisfy most customer's needs. There are countless solutions and options for combinations with our food fittings. This means that there is probably a way in which your food production can be made more efficient with food fittings from Alfotech. 

Alfotech is a knowledge centre with a focus on quality products and also reliable, committed and knowledge-seeking employees who always have ambitions to think new and better. Therefore, our customers can always get advice and service when they have to choose products from our range

If you do not see the right solution in the food fittings you immediately find in our selection, we at Alfotech have many years of experience and also great success in tailoring solutions to our customers. So, we have often specially designed products using our producer's years of experience and innovative thinking for solutions for our customers that have created ground-breaking optimisation in their food productions.

Food fittings for customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries

All our fittings are intended for the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry, which is why the selection is huge, as there are countless different productions. Therefore, in our selection of fittings for the food and pharmaceutical industry, you can choose from everything from T-pieces with different lengths of branch, bends of 45 or 90 degrees, crosses, eccentric and concentric cones, welding collars, welding nipples, end sleeves with pin and chain, roller collars and more.

Alfotech - a reliable dealer

Alfotech has many loyal customers in the food industry, who are also regular customers of our range of food fittings. In this connection, we as a company are always aware of our responsibility for products that are to be delivered to the food industry. We also stay up to date with the latest legislation in the handling and manufacture of products for the food industry. We always make sure to have the most hygienic food fittings that are easy to clean and that are made of a material that is durable even if it comes into contact with various liquids and products during a day. 

We also always make sure, when we create specially designed solutions in co-operation with our customers, that they are adapted to their production and associated legal requirements. So, you never have to worry about whether our standard products of our tailored products fit into your production conditions  Alfotech always makes sure to be up to date. In addition, you will always receive the necessary documents and any certificates when you have purchased form Alfotech. This means that there is always full traceability of our products.

Get an overview of Alfotech's food fittings in our data sheet

Our food fittings come in a myriad of types, sizes and weight classes, which is why we have gathered all the information about the respective products in our data sheet. For each individual product you have the opportunity to freely download our data sheet, which contains all the information you may need. This means that you as a customer always have an overview of which products best fit your needs and your production.

Find the right solution for you with our competent advisors

With our large number and variations of food fittings it may be difficult for customers to decide which one to order. That is why Alfotech is always ready to advise about food fittings and any new solutions, so you get exactly the product that is missing to make your production more efficient. We are passionate about developing solutions in co-operation with the customer, so we all end up with a satisfactory result.

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