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Inventory Management 101: How our warehouse team manages thousands of products

01 June 2023
Get an insider's look at Alfotech's efficient warehouse management in episode 3 of Peter's Week. Learn how we handle thousands of products daily with our inventory system. Watch it here!
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Improve the production process with silicone

25 May 2023
Silicone is a popular material for use in many industrial applications. Learn more about silicone's unique properties and its role in industry here.
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PVC or thermoplastic hoses for oily food products?

11 May 2023
Explore the benefits of thermoplastic hoses over PVC hoses for transporting oily food products. Learn why thermoplastic hoses are the better choice here.
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Safety first: Antistatic hoses for powder transportation

27 April 2023
Antistatic hoses are a popular choice when it comes to transporting powdered media. Learn more about our hoses for powders and their antistatic properties here.
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Learn more about pressure testing of hoses

13 April 2023
Follow along in episode 2 of Peter's Week, where Peter explains how pressure testing of hoses is done at Alfotech.
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New king of industrial milk hoses👑

30 March 2023
Milkland Flex is our new food approved milk hose that is extremely flexible and resistant. Read more about Milkland Flex in our news article here.
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