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Why the hose reel is ideal for commercial kitchens

27 September 2023
Did you know that the hose reel is suitable for commercial kitchens? We take a closer look at its role in the workplace and its key benefits. Read on and learn more.
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Product launch: New vent & exhaust valve

14 September 2023
Alfotech now launches the vent and exhaust valve, which can be used for tanks in the dairy or brewery etc. Read about how it works, its design, features, and benefits.
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Video: Do you know these coupling types?

31 August 2023
Get an overview of DIN, SMS and DS coupling types with our new YouTube video. Easy and understandable guidance for the most common couplings in the process industry.
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The Hose Selection Guide: Heat and cold

17 August 2023
How does heat and cold affect a hose in operation at the process plant? Read our latest edition of the Hose Selection Guide, where you'll also find 3 important tips for your next hose purchase with te…
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Guide: How to choose the right industrial hose reel

14 July 2023
The right choice of hose reel can be the difference between efficient operation and costly repairs or, in the worst case, injury. That's why our new guide can help you find the right model for your ne…
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The Hose Selection Guide: Your task, your choice

13 July 2023
How do you choose the right hose for the job at the processing plant? What should you take into account? With our new article series "The Hose Selection Guide", we give you the overview and make it ea…
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