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The 3 key advantages of Alfotech's new Dynamic CLC hose

24 May 2022
Get an overview of the 3 key benefits of Alfotech's new corrugated universal hose for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Watch our video here.
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Quick video guide to union gaskets with filter

10 May 2022
What is the difference between mesh 20 and mesh 60 when we talk about union packs with filters? Learn more about this type of product via our quick video guide.
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Case: Challenging task for leading ingredient company

26 April 2022
Together with one of Denmark's leading ingredient companies, we put together a tailor-made hose solution for their demanding production environment.
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The spring guide to aseptic fittings

07 April 2022
Finding your way around the various aseptic fittings suitable for the process industry can be very difficult. We take a closer look at types and uses in this spring guide.
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3 reasons to use union gaskets with filter

29 March 2022
Protection of the pumps on the process plant pays off in the long run. We take a closer look at the greatest benefits of using union gaskets with filters in the operation.
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The best-selling food hoses for the start of 2022

15 March 2022
Nitrile rubber is the secret behind the most popular oily and fatty food hoses in our range. We dive into the best-selling for the year so far.
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