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ISAR WATER: Our new allround-hose

18 May 2021
ISAR WATER is one of the new hoses in Alfotech’s assortment. The hose has a wide range of features that are compatible in many productions. ISAR WATER is especially optimal to use in productions that…
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Mehcanical seals - think out of the box!

21 April 2021
Are you one of the many who have experienced problems with leaking pumps or pipes? Then we have a sure solution for you at Alfotech, where you can optimize your production and reduce operational costs…
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Alfotech gives advice to projects of all sizes

01 April 2021
If your company has a smaller or larger hose project on your drawing board, Alfotech is always the competent choice in regards to both product choice and guidance. We have high demands for technical s…
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NEWS from Alfotech: Oily Food SPL Crush Proof hose

17 March 2021
It is a well-known problem that hoses used in areas of heavy traffic are often damaged by being overrun, for instance in connection with truck deliveries. This is a problem we solve at Alfotech with o…
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New series of competitive butterfly and ball valves

03 March 2021
In process industries of foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical goods the butterfly and ball valves have, for many years, been entirely essential components. The valves are manufactured to regulate the…
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Are you aware of the hidden savings secret?

24 February 2021
Energy costs a lot of money - including compressed air. In the process industry compressed air is used for the control of many functions: amongst others for the function of valves and pistons. Air bla…
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