3 reasons to use union gaskets with filter

29 March 2022

Modern process plants contain tens of thousands if not millions of components, large as well as small, and some of them are crucial in the efforts to keep production running, especially in the food and the pharmaceutical industries. As an example, pumps are very important in this context, as they basically ensure the right amount of flow of the material in the process plant. Both setup and maintenance of them are therefore crucial, and here union packs with filter are always a good solution in terms of protecting the pumps from particles.

3 reasons to use union gaskets with filter

When rebuilding or remodeling and renovating pipe systems, there is a risk that unwanted particles are pumped through the pipe systems. This can, for example, have a severe effect on lobe pumps, which in a hygienic way ensure the right gentle flow in food production. In addition to the costs associated with the production stoppage itself, new purchases or repairs of pumps can run into thousands of dollars. However, by using the right union gaskets with filter during setup as well as maintenance of the pumps, there are several benefits:

  1. Considerable extension of the life of the pumps
  2. Fewer production stops
  3. Guarantee for higher product quality

With an extension of the life of the pumps, you optimize your process plant considerably, and at the same time very expensive production stoppages are often avoided, which also in view of the current increasing risk of a food crisis for must be avoided at all costs. In addition, union gaskets with filter can prevent contamination of the product material, essentially guaranteeing a better product quality towards the end customer.

Types and mesh sizes

unionspakninger med filter, typer

Our union gaskets with filter for both Clamp, SMS and DIN come with different mesh sizes from mesh 20, 40, 100 etc. and comply with both FDA, USP Class VI and EC 10/2011. Specifically, ‘mesh 20’ for example covers over 20 threads per inch in both directions. The opening is thus square, and the higher the value in the mesh indication, the smaller the hole size. For example, the smallest size has a 10μm retention, 200 x 1150 threads.

The union gaskets with filter are also used in WFI (Water for Injection) systems and water treatment plants. Frequent cleaning of the union gaskets is required as the collected particles contribute to a higher pressure drop. The pressure drop will continue to increase as the number of particles increases.

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