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The adapter that makes Camlock connection a breeze

08 December 2022
At Alfotech we have developed our own adapter for Camlock for DS/SMS/SAV connections and it often solves problems for our customers in the food industry.
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Minimize the risk of production stoppages after New Year

22 November 2022
The month of December is upon us and that means the annual service inspection of the processing plant. Be prepared and avoid the risk of production stoppages after the New Year.
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Quick video guide: How to use Alfotech's online hose configurator

08 November 2022
With Alfotech's intuitive hose configurator, you can quickly and easily assemble your own hose solution online according to your needs. If you also use your own user account, you can place an order di…
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How we helped innovative customer with specially designed cooking vessel

26 October 2022
The latest special assignment for our assembly workshop was based on our innovative customer's own idea. But not everything was easy, according to Martin, our blacksmith.
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Case: Jaw-dropping hose pressure test by customer

11 October 2022
When our customer carried out a pressure test of Alfotech's OILYFOOD/SPL hose, it showed impressive performance - not only at 25 bar more than the prescribed max pressure, but also in terms of the way…
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Using the right mechanical seals for your production?

28 September 2022
Learn more about mechanical seals as a product category and get the necessary insights to make the right choice for your production.
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