The ABCs of Maintenance: Maximize the life of your process hose
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The ABCs of Maintenance: Maximize the life of your process hose

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With production efficiency and reliability in mind, the quality of your equipment isn't just important; it's essential. However, the secret to smooth operation lies not only in the equipment you use, but also in its ongoing maintenance. And this is especially true for process hoses!

Imagine all production lines running smoothly the vast majority of the time without unexpected interruptions. Sound too good to be true? It doesn't have to be.

With this guide, we give you our best advice on process hose maintenance and focus on the right hose accessories that can save you money in the long run.

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Our top 5 tips

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Consider the following measures to extend the life of your process hoses:

  • Regular inspection: Check the process hoses for wear, damage, or signs of aging on a regular basis. This can help identify potential problems before they occur.
  • Careful installation: Even in a very busy operation, it pays to take extra care when replacing hoses or other accessories. Thorough installation helps prevent downtime and potential safety risks.
  • Frequent cleaning: Some process hoses require frequent cleaning, for example if the medium is animal oils. With frequent and thorough cleaning, the properties of the process hoses are maintained for longer. After cleaning, it is important to rinse the hoses thoroughly as excess chemicals can have a negative impact on several rubber qualities.
  • Optimal handling and storage: Use trolleys to transport process hoses easily over large areas and protect them from wear and tear. Store them dry and out of direct sunlight to avoid damage. Always remember to drain them after use.
  • Extra protection: Hose guards minimize wear, corrosion, cuts, and other damage, allowing you to proactively prevent leaks and reduce the risk of downtime.

Case: Trolleys for Swedish beverage producer

We recently supplied several trolleys to a Swedish beverage manufacturer who needed to streamline the transportation and storage of their process hoses.

The trolley model is constructed with a robust and sturdy red plastic body with a round hole in the center where the hose can be easily attached. Both black rubber wheels are mounted to the body via a swivel bracket that allows easy and smooth maneuvering in all directions. The metal brackets are secured with bolts and wing nuts and can be adjusted or tightened as needed.

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Simple and resilient 2-piece hose guard

Our 2-piece hose guard, which was launched last year, is constructed from durable nitrile rubber (NBR). It consists of two separate parts that are easily assembled using an easy-to-use locking system that includes rails and barbs for secure assembly. Inside, the guard is grooved to effectively grip the outer surface of the hose close to the coupling point, ensuring a stable and protective fit.

The hose guard is available in different colors and can therefore also easily be used in conjunction with your own color-coding system.

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