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08 December 2020

Alfotech is the link between the process industry and a number of professional suppliers. Here, our experience and great technical understanding enable us to develop new products and solutions for customers. And we do this on an ongoing basis. It also means that we can continually expand the product range available to you. 

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An example of the development process

An example of this very development process is our collaboration with AAK-Aarhus Karlshamn. For the customer, we went through the process in detail and together we developed a requirements specification.

Among other things, we focused on the requirements for:

  • Direct contact with food
  • High flexibility
  • Operating conditions in an explosive environment
  • Long service life
  • Delivery reliability
  • Full traceability (according to current EU regulations)

Based on the requirements specification, we then developed a completely new product that met all the requirements specified by the customer. You can see the full case with AAK here.

See the full case with AAK

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In the solutions we develop, the customer's benefit is always the main focus. In this way, we build a trusting relationship with our customers and can help develop even more solutions for their operations in the future.

Do you have a problem you would like to have reviewed?
Then Alfotech is ready with both experience and extensive technical knowledge.

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