Alfotech gives advice to projects of all sizes

Alfotech gives advice to projects of all sizes

Our competencies

If your company has a smaller or larger hose project on the drawing board, Alfotech is always the competent choice in regards to both product choice and guidance. We have high demands for technical specifications, quality, detailed documentation, and high delivery assurance. This is how we create the most optimal solutions for your company.

We customize solutions for international pharmaceutical corporations

Recently, another large international pharmaceutical corporation approached us with the desire for us to deliver a significant amount of 2” silicone hoses, fully installed with our InterLock fittings with ISO Clamp liners. 

This hose solution was to fulfill a number of high demands such as: 

  • To fulfill all international pharmaceutical requirements USP Class VI and European pharmaceutical demands
  • 1 material certificate, including documentation for surface roughness
  • Hydraulic pressure documentation
  • Short delivery

These are demands Alfotech always assures to live up to. After the hoses were dispatched in protective plastic, marked in cardboard boxes, and put on pallets, we have only had the experience of pure customer satisfaction. 

…and then, a French turnkey project within the food industry

Another task asked us to deliver a large array of individually configured hose solutions for a French industrial in connection with their deliverance of an entirely new Turn-Key project within the food industry. 

All hoses delivered were unique with entirely specific demands for the type of hose, fitting type, and the orientation of the fittings. The hose dimensions ranged 10 to 150 mm, all installed with aseptic or standard food fittings. 

In this case, the requirements were, amongst others:

  • To meet EU1935/2004 and in some cases the Atex-directives
  • 1 material certificate including documentation for surface roughness
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing documentation

Some of the hoses have fittings that rotate and are angled differently according to each other and the location and shape of the process equipment. Still, we overcame the challenge in our Alfotech in-house montage and welding unit, where our skilled coworkers, in union with our warehouse selection, created solutions that specifically met the customer's need in a short amount of time. 

Standardizing and optimizing

These two examples of delivery are but a few of many examples of how our close collaboration with many of our customers, and how our strong relations to our long-term customers and manufacturers, have made it possible for us to find solutions that optimize problems that affect hose solutions in the modern process industry. 

Through optimizing and standardizing hose solutions, within this the possibility of reusing our Inter Lock fittings, there is a prospect of achieving great operational costs without compromising safety. 

Do you need a custom hose solution in a professional partnership?

Alfotech has many years of experience with both advising and executing hose solutions for different customers in the process industry. We are always available for a free consultation and guarantee a strongly competent staff, quality products, and project experience. 

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