Alfotech launches AWH non-return valve

Alfotech launches AWH non-return valve

Product launches

For many years, AWH's products have been extremely popular with our customers. Therefore, we can now also happily launch the AWH non-return valve in Western European top quality and of course designed for both pharmaceutical and food production (1935/2004). The product can now be ordered via our webshop.

Technical drawing of the AWH non-return valve

How it works

The AWH non-return valve prevents return in, for example, dairy pipes by means of a spring-loaded valve cone. At a working pressure of at least 0.05 bar, the lower part of the cone is pressed inwards, and this ensures the passage of the liquid. With an inserted O-ring, the valve cone, on the other hand, stops the return flow, so that the liquid can only flow one way during production. The non-return valve closes completely when there is no fluid flow.

Design of the non-return valve

The AWH non-return valve is made of stainless steel (AISI 316L), comes parallel with welding ends, and has a smooth and easy-to-clean exterior surface.

It is also available in an ATEX version for chemical liquids, for example for use in the brewery, where the spirit may only run one way in connection with distillation. The non-return valve can also be supplied with all common DIN, SMS, DS and Clamp connections, and is available for both DIN and inch pipes.

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AWH kontraventil

Need a customized solution?

Blacksmith who welds

Remember that we can always put together a solution with AWH's non-return valve according to your needs and specifications at our own assembly workshop, where our certified blacksmiths have extensive experience in preparing similar special solutions for our customers. For example, we can easily combine SMS and DIN connections with the AWH non-return valve, if you need it. We also have a large inventory and have a short delivery time for both unique combined solutions and components.

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