Securing your production facilities with filters?

19 January 2021

Most production facilities require some kind of filters as a natural part of the overall equipment. Filters have a purpose. They create an optimal homogeneous product result, but also safeguard against foreign bodies that can harm the production.

No matter the flow and product type you may have in your company facility we have a solution for you that fits exactly what you need. We offer everything from the simple fix with union gaskets that have an integrated filter, to pipe solutions, with or without elbow fittings or Y piece tubes. 

Union gaskets - a simple and safe solution







Alfotech delivers union gaskets with integrated SMS/DIN/ISO/DIN Clamp filters. The gasket ring of the filters is made of a material that is either NBR rubber, EPDM, VITON, or silicone. The interior is stainless steel with an open area of 30 to 66 percent.

Our union gaskets meet all the required demands of being in direct contact with foods and pharmaceuticals. These gaskets are simply a simple and excellent solution if you look to protect your pumps and filling systems against foreign particles. 

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Elbow fittings and Y piece tubes for the more demanding needs

If you are in need of a filter with an extensive capacity for the protection of products or equipment, for instance, pumps or heat exchangers, we recommend the Y piece tube or the elbow fitting. It is a cost-efficient filter that simply ensures a reliable production process in your company. 









Both types of filters and filter cartridges are manufactured in pure stainless steel and can be delivered with all forms of union types; for instance DS, SMS, DIN, and Clamp in sizes ranging from 1”-4”. The filter has various screen mesh sizes. 

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Elbow filters and cartridges

For our elbow filters there are 2 types of cartridges: 

  • One with round holes of either 1,0, 1,5, 2,5 or 8,0 mm
  • Alternatively, we can deliver cartridges with elongated holes of 0,5 mm or 1,0 mm

There are many possibilities and combinations making it possible to fit exactly your production need. 

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Do you need filters to secure your production?

Would you like to hear more about our filters? Do you need specific consultation about what your production needs? Alfotech is always ready to develop a solution so that you achieve the best benefits for your company. A new and safe filter can improve both the production and production costs by removing production halts and possible damages to existing equipment. 

Contact us for a free consultation where we can guide you to the solution that best meets your needs!

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