Avoid damage by securing your hose reel

Avoid damage by securing your hose reel

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Does your company use automatic hose reels for storing flush hoses? Then you may also find that the hoses often roll up too fast and uncontrollably. In some cases, it can cause damage to surrounding materials - or in the worst case, people. The automatic winding can also wear hard on your hoses if they are used frequently and run across hard floors when rolled in.

Safety brake for hose reels

By fitting a safety brake to your hose reel, you can reduce speed and avoid damage. You also get a longer life on your hoses as the winding becomes more gentle.

The safety brake is a kit that consists of several parts. It fits AFT 1000-1100 AV and AFT 3500 AV stainless steel hose reels and can be retrofitted to existing units or mounted on new ones. Watch the video where we compare winding with and without safety brake.

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Stainless hose reels

See the selection of stainless steel hose reels for - among other things - flush or compressed air hoses. The reels are available for different working pressures and in different hose sizes. They are also available with both spring and manual winding.

Stainless hose reels

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Alfotech is your Center of Expertise for technical solutions to the process industry, and the combination possibilities between our hoses and hose reels are many. They can always be assembled and specified to meet your exact operating situation. Find our many solutions on the website or contact us so that together we can find the best solution for you.

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